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Main Page[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Oh and sorry, could you add Postfach to the Ökonomie Group on the Main page? --XPoTTii (Diskussion) 13:38, 19. Jun. 2013 (UTC)

Question[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hi there! From now on I am going to support the german Neverwinter Wiki because I like the game and it's idea.
I got a lot of experience with the MediaWiki software an want to help this wiki to grow up and take place as an helptool for unexperienced gamer.
But I got a Question, so, there are a lot of Sites here on german but the title in english. For an example Taktischer Magier has the title Control Wizard.
Could you guys change things like this or do you think you could trust me enough to give me those special right tho change this, and other things like the navigation bar?
There are also the most things on english, like "Main page", should be "Startseite".
Also the class nav is displaying the english names and I would like to change this. If you can't set this trust in me i'm here for you to tell you the german names of these things if nescessary!
So, have a nice day!

--XPoTTii (Diskussion) 12:46, 19. Jun. 2013 (UTC)

Well, we are in need of a community admin over here, and you do seem motivated, so let's give it a try. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 23:48, 21. Jun. 2013 (UTC)
Thanks a lot, I won't break your trust! --XPoTTii (Diskussion) 09:30, 22. Jun. 2013 (UTC)

Hello[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hello, or should I say Guten Tag? ;)
Thank you very much, this wiki already looks great! I was wondering, how can I move pages, with the option to leave behind a redirect, or not? I don't seem to have a button for this...
FridiEU (Diskussion) 23:50, 18. Jun. 2013 (UTC)

Hello indeed.
You should be able to now that your rights are upgraded. Just start moving as normal and there should be a checkbox for it; the admin group is showing the suppressredirect right. It's not usually extended to regular users for some reason. OOeyes (Diskussion) 23:54, 18. Jun. 2013 (UTC)
Ah, I found the dropdown menu. :D Thanks! FridiEU (Diskussion) 00:08, 19. Jun. 2013 (UTC)

Sidebar Links, Templates & stuff[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Is there a way for me to edit the links contained in the sidebar? There's some inconsistency between Community Portal & Discussion, and I'd like to change the external links to the German website.
I was wondering, for any missing templates or images, will there be a full export from English to German, or do they get selected manually?
Also, I seem to have lost the About page during the move, but it is already deleted on the english side. Any chance you could restore this for me? In the meantime, I'll continue to rename pages, as XPoTTii asked for above :)
Thanks in advance!
FridiEU (Diskussion) 19:14, 19. Jun. 2013 (UTC)

The backend team should be copying the images over. I was hoping it'd be done this week, but looks like they didn't get to it. I'll inquire about the status of this on Monday and see if I can get a better ETA. I copied all templates over except for the /pl ones because there's no point in having non-English/non-German translations over here.
I renamed the about page to Neverwinter Wiki:Über Neverwinter Wiki because that's where the software expects it to be on the German wiki (see the link on the bottom of the page), but I forgot to update the main page link. I'll do that now. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 22:01, 21. Jun. 2013 (UTC)
Oh, the sidebar can be modified at MediaWiki:Sidebar. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 23:29, 21. Jun. 2013 (UTC)
I'm told that the image copying is in progress. We should begin to see them soon. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 22:14, 24. Jun. 2013 (UTC)
We had some unforeseen technical difficulties in getting the images over, but finally, they're all copied and more importantly, recognized by the wiki. (They've actually been copied over for some time.) I apologize for the inconvenience in taking so long to get this sorted out. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 22:08, 3. Jul. 2013 (UTC)

Template Infobox quest[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hello. When you have the time, could you check out the above template. I have the problem that he quest location category that is derived from that box will not display any pages, and I have no idea why. For an example, see Dunkle Jäger. This page is put in the category Flüsternde Höhlen Quests, but when you go to that category, it does not contain any pages... FridiEU (Diskussion) 15:11, 4. Jul. 2013 (UTC)

This is an uncommon glitch I've seen come up every now and then. Usually, resaving the pages that don't show up solves the issue, and that worked here. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 00:07, 5. Jul. 2013 (UTC)

Hi is hear still some one working on the German Wiki Page for Neverwinter?[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hi I have strating update and translate the German Crafting Pages i have started with Mailsmithing but for one person its a hard questto do this all

So far, this has been mostly the work of User:FridiEU, but I haven't seen him working on it much lately. As I'm not a German speaker, I can't help out myself. Perhaps ypu can ask for help on the forums? oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 13:48, 6. Okt. 2013 (UTC)

Wiki sites[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hello, OOeyes,

can you please delete these sites:

Zen Market
Galeb Dhur
Galeb Dhur/Tooltip
Gezackte Tanzende Klinge
Gezackte Tanzende Klinge/Tooltip
Astral Diamond
Astral Diamond/de
Neverwinter Wiki:Contest
Neverwinter Wiki/de
Tarmalune Trade Bar

They are all duplicates (except Neverwinter Wiki:Contest, this one is IMO not required in the german wiki) and I already changed the links to these sites to the correct (german) ones. (only the link of "Reittiere" (Mount) needs to be changed on the mainsite)

Thanks, Argrosch (Diskussion) 19:02, 16. Jun. 2014 (UTC)

Done. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 02:31, 22. Jun. 2014 (UTC)

[Deleted links, so they do not show on Requested pages site. Argrosch (Diskussion) 17:00, 24. Aug. 2014 (UTC)]

Hi there (June 2014)[Quelltext bearbeiten]

And could you please create the page "Wachsamer Waldläufer" on the start page? Category: Klassen, additionally to Beschützender Kämpfer, Zweihandwaffenkämpfer, ... Greetings, Solfeam

Added. Apologies for the delay; I was occupied with other matters this week. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 02:31, 22. Jun. 2014 (UTC)

Mainpage needs some changes.[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Hi, can you please add "Geisselhexenmeister" to the classes and "Drachengeborener" to the races on the Main Page? And can you please also change

  • the link of "Reittiere" (in the box Gameplay) to the links name
  • [[Help:Contents|Allgemeine Wiki-Hilfe (engl.)]] (in the box Neverwinter Wiki) to [[Hilfe:Bearbeiten|Allgemeine Wiki-Hilfe]]
  • * [ Offizielle Seite] (in the box Neverwinter) to * [ Offizielle Seite]

* [ Perfect World](in the box Neverwinter) to * [ Perfect World]

  • the link of "Offizielle Seite" on the left menu bar to

And there is an request on your Comment Board

Thanks, Argrosch (Diskussion) 17:58, 17. Aug. 2014 (UTC)

This is all done. Would you be interested in claiming the wiki? You would be able to do things like this on your own, and you seemed dedicated enough for an administrative role. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 10:36, 18. Aug. 2014 (UTC)
Sure, why not. Argrosch (Diskussion) 20:55, 18. Aug. 2014 (UTC)
Congratulations, you're now a community adminstrator. Thank you for your contributions and hard work. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 21:56, 18. Aug. 2014 (UTC)
Thanks. Argrosch (Diskussion) 17:41, 19. Aug. 2014 (UTC)

Boilerroom extension[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Can you please install the BoilerRoom extension like in the english wiki? I think it would save some time and help that some sites of the same type look more similar.

Argrosch (Diskussion) 23:25, 20. Sep. 2014 (UTC)

And can there be something done about the edit-mode? Before the Patch it was white an the new brown doesn´t look really good, especially because of the white borders around the symbols.

Argrosch (Diskussion) 18:41, 26. Sep. 2014 (UTC)

I've removed the customizations for the WikiEditor extension, except for the preview mode background. This should restore the old white look. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 05:39, 2. Okt. 2014 (UTC)
Thanks, looks much better now. How about the BoilerRoom extension?
Argrosch (Diskussion) 18:20, 2. Okt. 2014 (UTC)
My apologies, I thought that I had taken care of that earlier. I have it queued it for installation and have requested that it be pushed live. Hopefully, it should be installed by tomorrow. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 00:09, 3. Okt. 2014 (UTC)
It is now installed and live. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 00:33, 4. Okt. 2014 (UTC)

Lost Icons[Quelltext bearbeiten]

The wiki appears to have lost some of the (shared) item icons overnight, i.e. the icon for the dragon hoard coffer.
Could you have a look at it? Thanks!
FridiEU (Diskussion) 11:42, 4. Dez. 2014 (UTC)

We experienced a major hardware failure during the night. There are still some lingering intermittent issues, and it is possible a small number of files uploaded and edits made during this time were lost. At this time, we do not have an ETA on fully resolving the issue, but I assure you we are working to correct it as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 21:58, 4. Dez. 2014 (UTC)

Wrong RSS-Feeds displayed[Quelltext bearbeiten]

The RSS-Feed on the Mainpage is displaying the wrong languages - the german one shows the italian and the english one the russian. Don´t know whether its Gamepedias or Neverwinters fault, because the feeds itself ( / ) is showing the right languages.

Argrosch (Diskussion) 21:28, 18. Jan. 2015 (UTC)

I have no idea what's happening with the English feed, because the URL is correct. The RSS Whitelist can't have break tags, though. I'll have to kick this up to the dev team on Monday. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 22:40, 18. Jan. 2015 (UTC)
We investigated on our end and couldn't find anything that would cause the issue, but it seems the issue has been resolved anyway. Most likely, the problem was some kind of caching issue on their end which they fixed, or else the bad cached versions just expired on their own. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 17:43, 20. Jan. 2015 (UTC)
Thanks anyways for looking at it.
Argrosch (Diskussion) 18:32, 20. Jan. 2015 (UTC)

Tooltip-Templates[Quelltext bearbeiten]

It seems like the tooltip-templates don´t work anymore. When you hover over a link to a page containing a tooltip, the tooltip doesn´t show up.

Argrosch (Diskussion) 20:31, 19. Mär. 2015 (UTC)

The "Add a new section"-option also occours to be broken, it just adds the text at the bottom of the page and ignores the caption for the new section completely.
Argrosch (Diskussion) 20:39, 19. Mär. 2015 (UTC)
Currently, I'm in the midst of rewriting the tooltip script as an extension to deal with certain efficiency issues in the current approach. I don't know what's wrong with the script currently, but since it's going to be replaced soon anyway, I think it's best I continue focusing on the new extension rather than troubleshooting something that's not going to be around much longer. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 21:17, 19. Mär. 2015 (UTC)
I can't reproduce the problem with the Add a new section link. It seems to be adding the section heading just fine. Could you try it again and confirm it doesn't work? And if it still doesn't work, please tell me what browser and version you're using. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 21:25, 19. Mär. 2015 (UTC)
I testet again and it the problem only occurs, when I click on "Veröffentlichen" (Publish) in the main editing bar, but is working as intended when clicking the "Seite speichern" (Save Page) button below the summary-field.
Argrosch (Diskussion) 21:49, 19. Mär. 2015 (UTC)
Ah, that makes more sense. This sounds like a design flaw with the WikiEditor extension, which is packaged with MediaWiki. I'll pass it up to our dev team, but we might not able to do anything ourselves other than to report it to that extension's maintainers. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 22:10, 19. Mär. 2015 (UTC)

Some problems with the wiki[Quelltext bearbeiten]

Since last months beginning, I have some problems with the wiki. I can barely load recent changes or other pages, because most of the time it either sends me to the login-screen (which is often not properly loaded) or to the wikis main Page. When it sends me to the login page, my browser (tested with IE, Chrome and FF) just shows, that the page tries to load scripts out of uncertified sources. Also, when I am editing pages and stry to save them, they sometimes just reload, so that the edit is deleted and not saved. In the english wiki there is a similar problem (but it happens just rarely), it sometimes says im not logged in, although after reloading the page I am still logged in. I have already deleted all cookies and updated the brwosers, but both didn´t helped. I thought, that some sort of Advertising is causing this, so i just waited, but since it lasts now for over a month I think it is better to mention it and hope you have any idea about it.

Argrosch (Diskussion) 18:56, 12. Mai 2015 (UTC)

Apologies for taking a few days to reply. I spent some time talking to the other wiki managers, but other than some rare reports of edits not being saved, no one seems to have heard anything about this.
Though I think it's bit of a long shot, I've decided to temporarily disable the tooltip script for the meantime. I think there's a chance the extra requests it generates could somehow be at fault, so let's try running without it for a little while. If the problems persist even without it, I'll send this to the dev team to see if they have any idea what's going on. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 21:47, 14. Mai 2015 (UTC)
Seems like this solved the problem, thanks.
Argrosch (Diskussion) 10:16, 16. Mai 2015 (UTC)
Sadly, I have to add, that I´m still experiencing problems with the wiki. Your change resolved the problem, that the browsers blocked contents of the pages and had send me to the login-page. But its still sending me to the mai page sometimes and also the problem that it sometimes reloads the page instead of saving my edits still exists. I already deleted my cookies after your change.
Argrosch (Diskussion) 15:50, 28. Mai 2015 (UTC)
Hey! ^_^ I'm not sure if this is related to the above problems (or to actions taken to fix them), but just in case: At the moment, I don't get any Tooltips when hovering over a link to a page that has one. I only get this on the German wiki, in other languages I see Tooltips as expected. FridiEU (Diskussion) 18:50, 3. Jun. 2015 (UTC)
As noted above, I disabled the tooltips here to see if it would help with these issues, and it sounds like it may have reduced the problems. At this point, I'm out of ideas, though, so I'll have to try to pass it up to dev and see if they can figure out what's happening. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 20:10, 3. Jun. 2015 (UTC)
Have you been experiencing any of these issues on any wikis other than this one (specifically this German-language one)? oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 20:19, 10. Jun. 2015 (UTC)
Neverwinter wiki is the only wiki I use, so I only can say, that I didn´t recognized this in the english NW-Wiki. There only very rare occured the problem, that it sent me to the login-screen. But it didn´t happened lately.
Argrosch (Diskussion) 20:19, 12. Jun. 2015 (UTC)