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The companions system of Neverwinter is basically a hired-helper system available for all characters. At rank 16, the quest "A Companion" becomes available from Sergeant Knox in Protectors Enclave.

You can hire a number of companions that take the form of items in your inventory which you activate when you need the help of the companion. Companions can range from simple mercenary humanoids to pet-like creatures. A single companion can be summoned at any time to help you quest through a dungeon or win a difficult battle. Each character in a five-player group can summon their own companion.

Companions are classified by the following types just like classes:

Companions can be purchased for gold, Astral Diamond, seals, Ardent Coins, Trade Bars, Glory or found as rare drops. Additional companions can be acquired from the Grand Emporium in Protectors Enclave, or from the Zen market. A unique companion is also included in each of the Founder's Packs.

At level 16 you will be given the A Companion Quest. The reward is your choice of one of five companions for free. The Cleric Disciple, Sellsword, Man-at-Arms, Wayward Wizard and Dog are the reward choices and are tradable. All five are of white quality, max rank 15. All fivefour can be purchased for 2 Gold each from the companion vendor who you will be directed to when you receive the companion quest. [EDIT: The Sellsword is no longer one of the choices from the A Companion quest, but can still be purchased from the companion vendor.]


1. This is the rank of your companion. A rank 30 companion is comparable to a level 60 player. Notice the (Max 15)- this means that the highest rank this companion can achieve is rank 15. A companions rank can be upgraded by one rank (White--> Green--> Blue--> Purple) with the purchase of a companion training tome. The training tomes are not yet available for purchase in the game, but will be added at a later date.

  • White quality pets have a max rank of 15
  • Green quality pets have a max rank of 20
  • Blue quality pets have a max rank of 25
  • Purple quality pets have a max rank of 30

2. This is your companion's experience bar. While your companion fights at your side, it will gain experience. Once it has gained enough experience points to ascend to the next rank, the "Begin Training" button will appear. Click this button to send your companion for training.

  • While your companion is training, they will be unable to fight at your side or gain experience. Just as if the companion was idle.
  • You can speed up the training process by contributing an amount of astral diamonds toward their training. The time that the companion is unavailable for while in training is accumulative. Each rank the companion is sent to train for is added together if you skip a training period. There is a shorter training time for one rank than waiting to train after your companion gains two ranks.

3. These are your companion's powers. Mouse over them for details.
4. Every companion has three equipment slots starting with one slot open at rank 1. As your companion gains ranks, the other two slots will unlock at rank 15 and rank 25.

  • Your companion can wear gear from any class, of any quality- even gear that has been enchanted.

5. These are your companion's Runestone slots automatically starting with one slot open at rank 1. As your companion gains ranks, the other two slots will unlock at rank 10 and rank 15. Here you can give your companion additional bonuses depending on what kind of slot your companion has.

6. As your companion gains in rank, they will gain additional costumes or skins at ranks 10, 20 and 30.

7. While there is a limited number of active companion slots, you can have a large number of Idle Companions. You start with three active companion slots and can buy two more with Zen for a total of five active slots. Idle companions must be switched into an active companion slot before they can be summoned. You can only have one active companion summoned to assist you and gaining experience at a time.

Complete List of Companions[]

Name Icon Max Rank Merchant Cost Type
[Wayward Wizard] Companion Wayward Wizard.png 15 Emporium Vendor 2 Gold Controller
[Man at Arms] Companion Man-at-Arms.png 15 Emporium Vendor 2 Gold Defender
[Cleric Disciple] Companion Cleric Disciple.png 15 Emporium Vendor 2 Gold Controller
[Sellsword] Companion Sellsword.png 15 Emporium Vendor 2 Gold Striker
[Dog] Companion Dog.png 15 Emporium Vendor 2 Gold Striker
[Ioun Stone of Might] Companion Ioun Stone of Might.png 20 Emporium Vendor 1000 Tarmalune Trade Bar Non Combat
[Hawk] Companion Hawk.png 20 Zen Store 1500 Zen Striker
[Man-At-Arms] Companion Man-at-Arms.png 20 Adventurer's Friend Pack ???? Zen Defender
[Wolf] Companion Wolf.png 20 Zen Store 1500 Zen Striker
[Wayward Wizard] Companion Wayward Wizard.png 20 Adventurer's Friend Pack ???? Zen Controller
[Neverember Guard] Companion Neverember Guard.png 25 Zen Store 2000 Zen Defender
[Acolyte of Kelemvor] Companion Acolyte of Kelemvor.png 25 Zen Store 2000 Zen Leader
[Ioun Stone of Allure] Companion Ioun Stone of Allure.png 25 Zen Store 2000 Zen Non Combat
[Slyblade Kobold] Companion Slyblade Kobold.png 25 Zen Store 2000 Zen Striker
[Tomb Spider] Companion Tomb Spider.png 25 Zen Store 2500 Zen Controller
[Dancing Shield] Companion Dancing Shield.png 25 Emporium Vendor 850,000 Astral Diamonds Defender
[Dancing Blade] Companion Dancing Blade.png 25 Emporium Vendor 900,000 Astral Diamonds Striker
[Cat] Companion Cat.png 25 Emporium Vendor 980,000 Astral Diamonds Non Combat
[Wererat Thief] Companion Wererat Thief.png 25 Emporium Vendor 200 Seal of the Drake Striker
[Jagged Dancing Blade] Companion Jagged Dancing Blade.png 25 Emporium Vendor 14,000 Glory Striker
[Cantankerous Mage] 25 Zen Store 2,000Zen Controller
[Fire Archon] Companion Fire Archon.png 30 Emporium Vendor 1000 Tarmalune Trade Bar Striker
[Angel of Protection] Companion Angel of Protection.png 30 Emporium Vendor 360 Ardent Coins Leader
[Galeb Dhur] Companion Galeb Dhur.png 30 Zen Store 3,000 Zen Defender
[Honey Badger] Companion Honey Badger.png 30 Zen Store 3,500 Zen Striker
[Phoera] Companion Phoera.png 30 [Nightmare Lockbox] None Striker
[Panther] Companion Panther.png 30 Hero of the North None Striker
[Vicious Dire Wolf] Companion Vicious Dire Wolf.png 30 Guardian of Neverwinter None Striker