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Half-Orcs are one of the playable races in Neverwinter and will be available at launch.


In-game: "Half-orcs combine the best qualities of humans and orcs, though some would argue that the good qualities of orcs are few and hard to find. From their orc blood, half-orcs inherit great physical strength and toughness. They are fierce warriors, fleet of foot as they charge into battle."


The Orcs which arrived in Neverwinter were sent by King Obould the XIV(?) of Many-arrows tribe. Under the leadership of Vansi, instead of reconnaissance the Orcs ended up controlling and settling in the Tower district part of Neverwinter. Due to close proximity of Orcs in the area, it is not uncommon to hear of a half-orc child.


A half-orc child is often viewed with shame from the Human side of its family, irrespective of how they were born. Shunned and often ridiculed, such children often grow up to be an adventurer or a brute. However it is not unheard of some fortunate half-orcs to get some direction from a mentor or a priest to lead somewhat respectable lives. Half-Orcs tend to be great Rogues, powerful Guardian Fighters, and finally Great Weapon Fighters.

Traits Raciaux

  • +2 Dextérité
  • +2 Constitution ou +2 Force
  • Assaut Enragé: Vos coups critiques infligent 5% de dégâts supplémentaires.
  • Charge Rapide: Vous gagnez 10% de bonus de vitesse de déplacement pendant 3 secondes quand vous commencez un combat. Cela ne peut se produire que toutes les 20 secondes.