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Bonjour :)
Could you give me the rights to update the sidebar to the appropriate French pages? Also, is there an automatic way to remove all the "/fr" parts from pagenames? At the moment some listing pages like Companion link to nothing, even though most pages linked to should be there. Oh, and any update on the RSS feed for the start page?
FridiEU (discussion) 11 juillet 2013 à 02:32 (UTC)

You've been promoted. As for the RSS, I thought I queued that up the day after the wiki went live, so it's catching me off guard that it's still not done. I've queued it up again, so hopefully tomorrow.
As for removing the /fr suffix, there is a semi-automatic way I can do it. I wasn't sure if it'd really help since it seemed like most of those would have to be moved to their French name anyway, but if it will help, I'll see if I can fit it in sometime tomorrow. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 11 juillet 2013 à 04:16 (UTC)

Delete some pages[]

Hello, u imported some pages and rename them : The Throne of Idris The Cloak Tower Lair of the Mad Dragon Grey Wolf Den Cragmire Crypts/fr

But I thought you were not going to import, so, I had already rewritten, and more complete. So, there are duplicates of the pages in French and English. That's why I wanted to know if you could remove those pages above? _______________________________________ Thanks, but there are a problem, u deleted a wrong page : Cryptes de Cragmire. ______________________________________ Thanks a lot.

Spam / Vandalism[]


Could you have a look at the recent edits of this IP please? ‎

This appears to be spam.

Thanks :) 27 octobre 2013 à 00:48 (UTC)


Hey Mr. Eyes!
I just noticed the French side has received a lot of spam page recently for commercial products, even from registered accounts :( Unfortunately I haven't had much time recently to come here, so no idea how long it's been going on. Do you have an automated way to get rid of it all, while swinging the good old Banhammer around a bit? Hopefully I'll find some time next week to help cleaning up. FridiEU (discussion) 1 novembre 2014 à 02:17 (UTC)

I've cleaned it up manually for now. It doesn't look like it was actually all that many so far. I'm going to check in more frequently in case more of it comes up; hopefully I'll soon have more time to investigate further and figure out how they're getting past the filters. If you do see a fair bit more come in, it would actually be best to leave me a few to examine. Thank you for the help and for bringing it to my attention. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 1 novembre 2014 à 03:50 (UTC)
Hello again. There has been an increase in spam here over the weekend. I have left it up this time, I hope you can determine a pattern to update the filter settings. FridiEU (discussion) 14 décembre 2014 à 19:50 (UTC)
*facepalm* Well, the filters weren't in place on this particular wiki, which explains a lot. I had thought this was related to a different and much stranger issue we had before, but that's what I get for not at least pulling up the AbuseFilter page earlier. I apologize for the oversight and the resulting inconvenience. Some testing shows these filters would have stopped all of yesterday's spam, so I think we have it shut down completely until the next time they find a new approach. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 14 décembre 2014 à 20:54 (UTC)
Thanks, I am glad you were able to solve it ;) On a slightly different topic: Do you think it would make sense to get the Special:ClaimWiki button installed like we have on the German wiki? Hopefully, we could attract some real contributors instead of advertising bots. FridiEU (discussion) 15 décembre 2014 à 18:40 (UTC)
Yes, it seems our previous admin here is missing in action now, so this is a good idea. I've reactivated the claim system. oOeyes User-OOeyes-Sig.png 15 décembre 2014 à 19:56 (UTC)