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The following documentation is transcluded from Modèle:Infobox location/doc (edit):

This template displays an infobox for a location.


{{Infobox location
  |title=name of the location (optional if the page title matches the location name)
  |instance=public or private
  |type=[[Adventure zone]], [[Combat Instance]], [[Dungeon Delve]], [[Skirmish]], [[Public Instance]]
  |within=the location this is within
  |neighbors=the locations this borders
  |contains=the locations within this one
  |level=the level range where someone would normally be in the location
  |image1=filename of the first image to display as a thumb beneath the infobox and ad (image2 through image9 are also available)
  |caption1=caption for the first image (caption2 through caption9 are also available)