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Protector's Enclave
Location Type: Adventure Zone
Within: Neverwinter
Neighbors: Blacklake District
Sleeping Dragon Bridge
Contains: Driftwood Tavern
Hall of Justice Vaults
Ruined Tunnels
Levels: 4-6

Map of Protector's Enclave

View of Protector's Enclave from the upper level

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Protector's Enclave

Protector's Enclave is the higly taxed police state of Lord Neverember. Beyond Protector's Enclave, many monsters roam in the city of Neverwinter. This region of Neverwinter has been rebuilt. Lord Neverember as a Lord Protector rules this city from the renovated Hall of Justice, the old temple of Tyr. This area lies in the west-most part of city. Thus it was protected from the Volcanic eruption which largely effected the eastern part of city causing the chasm to appear.

The region consists of many nobles who did not leave the Neverwinter city even during Cataclysm. However, open opposition to Lord Neverember - as much as calling him Lord Pretender is not possible due to tight grip of General Sabine's Mintarn Mercenaries. The 'soft' faction of Sons of Alagondar - the Graycloaks, works subtly in this region. Their base of operations is a secret meeting place somewhere in Driftwood Tavern.

This region is under strict control of Genral Sabine who commands the Mintarn Mercenaries. Admnistrative duties are handled by a dwarf mayor, Soman Galt. The Lion sign of Neverember is a recurring theme in the Enclave. However his coat of arms from Waterdeep is never displayed in this region in order to win the trust of citizens of Neverwinter. Because of the trade from Waterdeep, the market of the Protector's Enclave is one of the best.


  • Sleeping Dragon Gate
  • Coriol Street Gate
  • South Gate
  • Deekin Street Gate
  • Teleport to Moonstone Mask

Important Streets

  • Protector's Road
  • Coriol Street
  • Deekin's Street

Points of interest

  • Hall of Justice
  • The Driftwood Tavern
  • Postal Courier
  • Sage's Shop
  • Seven Suns Coster Market
  • Shaundakul Stables
  • Trade of Blades
  • Professions Vendor
  • Tarmalune Auction House
  • Moonstone Mask teleport
  • Manycoins Bank
  • Campfire
  • Guild Registry
  • Grand Emporium


  • Vendors
  • Various
    • Lord Neverember
    • Mayor Galt
    • General Sabine
    • Corporal Benton
    • Supply Sergeant Quinn
    • Neverwinter Town Crier

Foundry Assets

  • NPC
    • Cleric of Lurue
    • Guard Frinko
    • Merchant's Guild Representative
    • Nobleman Burkhard
    • Street Urchin
    • Street Urchin Sick
  • Vendors
    • ...
  • Doors
    • House on Protector's Road and Coriol Street Crossing (X,Y)


  • Ends within this zone
    • Sleeping Dragon Bridge
  • Starts within this zone
    • Corporal Benton: Vital Supplies
    • Sergeant Knox: The Trail of the Crown


  • The "Neverwinter Town Crier" was originally named the "Neverwinter Town Cryer." during Open Beta. This was corrected on release.