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This template displays an infobox for a series of images with captions. It's intended as a second infobox to be located beneath the ad or other infobox.


{{Infobox image
  |onlyinfobox=specify yes if the only infobox on the page
  |title=name of the subject if this is the only infobox (optional if the subject title matches the quest name)
  |image=the filename of the image, minus the namespace (parameters image1 to image5 are also available)
  |caption=optional caption for the image, minus the namespace (parameters caption1 to caption5 are also available)
  |upload=optional reason giving advice for the image to be uploaded (if none is) or why a new version should be uploaded (parameters upload1 to upload5 are also available)

If onlyinfobox is not set to yes, the title will not show. Additionally, the positioning is different as it will clear floating elements on the right.