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Шаблон:Tooltip section power/Подсказка
Описание было перенесено со страницы Шаблон:Tooltip section power/doc (править):

This template is used on pages for powers where the game displays a tooltip. To support a system of tooltips that display on hovering over links to this page, the actual templates must be placed on a /Tooltip subpage to reduce overhead when loading tooltips. This provides an edit link to that page, and other pages specified, and if those pages exists, it displays the details using {{Подсказка слева}}.

For item pages, use {{Раздел подсказки}} instead.

Usage (for a page that just shows its own tooltip):

{{Раздел подсказки}}

Many pages may be for sets of items, or for items that have multiple versions (such as +1, +2, +3 versions and so on). This template supports showing up to nine additional tooltips and providing links to edit them if necessary.

Usage (for a page that needs to show multiple tooltips):

{{Раздел подсказки|страница2|страница3|страница4|страница5|страница6|страница7|страница8|страница9|страница10}}

The current page is always included, and page2...page10 are all optional.

This template relies on {{Недостающие страницы}} to detect if any are missing.