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A Lesson in Infiltration
Level: 60
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Given by: Harper Boward
Starts in: Well of Dragons
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Well of Dragons
Turn in to: Harper Boward
1321 XP
5 Silver 76 Copper
2 Dragon Sigil
Fallen Dragon Fang
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A Lesson in Infiltration is a weekly repeatable quest in the Well of Dragons for the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign.


  • Acquire Thayan Wizard Gear


Harper Boward
The Harpers wish to infiltrate the Thayans' operations in order to gather information about their plans. The Red Wizards' arcane expertise makes any sort of magical disguise easy to see through, but a more mundane approach may work.

If you can acquire the Thayan Wizard gear from their camp and bring it back to us, we should be able to piece together some convincing disguises. You should be able to gather it either from defeating Red Wizards, or raiding their supplies.


  • Acquire Thayan Wizard Gear (0/10)
  • Return to Harper Boward.


Harper Boward
Hmm. Some of this gear is a little more signed and torn than I would have hoped, but we should be able to work with it. Good thing I had you bring back so much, just in case we received some unworkable pieces.

Very well, we'll take it from here, and you can leave the infiltration to our trained spies. I'll let you know if we need anything else.