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A Picatrix's Worth a Thousand Words (Artificing)
Level: 70
Preceded by: The Artifact of the Matter (Artificing)
Followed by:
Given by: The Artisan
Starts in: Stronghold
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Stronghold
Turn in to: The Artisan
Duration: {{{duration}}}

A Picatrix's Worth a Thousand Words (Artificing) is a Masterwork Professions quest that unlocks Artificing recipes. Your Artificing must be rank 70? and your Stronghold Guild Hall must be at least rank 10 to take this quest.


  • Complete Artificing Tasks for The Artisan.

Once training begins you may not begin training another profession until it is complete. Training can be time consuming and expensive, do not begin training unless you are certain of your choice.


The Artisan
I'm sure you're eager to put your new knowledge to the test. Luckily an order has just come in for a dozen pots of [Dark Lacquer].

You'll need [Lacquer branches], gather them yourself with an explorer's chart, or buy them from the auction house. Bake the resin in the sun and color it with [charcoal].

The picatrix will have instructions on ensuring high magical affinity. You're liable to fail more than you succeed, the process is grueling, but stick with it. When you have a dozen pots, bring them to me.



After turning in first materials:

The Artisan
Perhaps this hasn't been a waste of time after all, the lacquer came out as well as one could hope for. Seems you have more of a knack for this than I gave you credit.

The weaponsmith and the armorer might argue whose materials need to stand up to stronger forces, but neither's wares need to channel unfathomable arcane forces without turning to ash. Expertly made lacquer will help make a material more resistant, but you must learn to apply it.

Bring me six pieces of [Lacquered Ebony]. Oh and do be careful with the lacquer, it is quite poisonous before it dries... Perhaps I should have mentioned that earlier.

After turning in second materials:

The Artisan
The coat has been applied expertly, I'm impressed. You didn't go and buy these from a trader, did you? Gah-hah!

You've done well relaying my lessons to your artisans, I've seen you create your own high-quality materials. Next I'd like you to enchant the work of others.

Working with materials you're not as intimately familiar with can be tricky. I'd like you to make [Magicked Enamel] and [Cashmere Spellthread].

To enchant such high quality materials you'll need [concentrated residuum]. Bring me materials you are proud of.

After turning in third materials:

The Artisan
Impressive work, I believe your workers are ready for an order I have.

It seems The Cleric has been trying to deal with several of the Stronghold's problems himself, and has requested a "means by which to scare away potential threats." A vague request to be sure, but believe it or not I know just the thing.

I want you to make a set of [Drums of Panic] and deliver them to The Cleric. The construction of instruments is a craft many devote their entire lives to mastering.

To make a pair of drums that can hold and withstand great magical power will be no trivial task. You'll need a [copper ingot] for the kettle, I believe The Traveling Merchant has some for sale. For the head you'll need high-quality [vellum], speak with a leatherworker. Good luck adventurer, you'll need it.

After turning in Drums of Panic to The Cleric:

The Cleric
I uh... I certainly wasn't expecting a pair of drums. Not that I'm disappointed of course!

To be honest I'm surprised something I request strictly for my own use was actually made. Thank you, Adventurer.

Don't worry, I'll give you and anyone else plenty of notice when I plan to use these. Well, except for The Steward... I think it might be good to show him that he can't always tell me what to do.

... Just kidding, of course. Don't tell The Steward I said that.


The Artisan
I'm looking forward to The Cleric getting use out of those drums, it should be interesting to see what he does with them.

You have done well to relay my every lesson to your artisans, whether you think of yourself as such, you are indeed the master of a trade guild.

I've taken the liberty of having a new picatrix made, and a artifactmaster's garments to boot. The picatrix should serve your artificers better than that old hand-me-down I gave you earlier, and if you're going to lead an artificing guild, you ought to look the part.

You've learned everything I have to teach, and the harpy hasn't come around to bother me since the start. It's been an honor.