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Alliance Raid Vest
Item Level: 546
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup

+437 Combined Rating
+1,092 Defense
+2,621 Power
+10,483 Maximum Hit Points

+437 Critical Strike
+655 Combat Advantage

Defense Slot: Empty
Armor Enhancement Slot: Empty

Armor, Leather
Requires Class: Rogue
Requires Level: 70
Cannot sell
Refinement Points90

Inventory Body Dragonempire Tricksterrogue 01.png

This Body armor is part of the 4 piece Alliance Raid Armor set for Trickster Rogues. It does not have a set bonus.

It can be bought for 400 Seal of the Elements at a Seal Trader in the Protector's Enclave or Caer-Konig. It might also be a drop in Kessell's Retreat.