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Angel of Protection
Module: 23
Category: Companion
Tag: Companion Pack
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Sell value: hidden
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Buy cost: Ardent Coin360
Companion Angel of Protection.png

The Angel of Protection is a companion that can be purchased from the Vault of Piety using Ardent CoinArdent Coin or obtained as a random reward from any queued content.


Angel of Protection

Enhancement Power: Chance on hit to reduce an enemy's deflect by up to 7.5% for 15 seconds when your companion is near. The value of the buff depends on the item level of your summoned pet.
Maximum 7.5%.
Player Bonus Power: When you are revived you will receive a shield equal to 6%/10%/15% of your Maximum Hit Points.
+300/500/750 Combined Rating

Angels of Protection serve as healers to those they see fit to fight alongside. An adventurer must have a worthy cause to have an angel fight by their side.

Companion Pack


Icon Name Unlock Cooldown Effect

Companion/Angel's Touch/Tooltip

Power Icon Companion Terrifyinginsight.png
Enhancement Gives an additional bonus to Combined Rating.

Companion/Protective Ward/Tooltip

Power Icon Companion Shocksphere.png
Role Expertise This companion's expertise has further refined its role increasing their offensive and defensive abilities to benefit their battle style.