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Armor Penetration Armor Kit
Item Level: 10

Reinforced: +50 Armor Penetration (+10 Total Item Level)

This Reinforcement can be applied to armor pieces that go in the Head, Armor, Feet or Arms slots that have a Minimum Required Level of 10.

Double-click this jewel and then click on the equipment to which you want this Jewel applied.

Armor Reinforcement Kit
No Level Requirement
Silver2 Copper50

The Armor Penetration Armor Kit is an armor reinforcement kit that can be crafted in the Tailoring Profession.

Armor kits can be double-clicked to become active. Once the kit is active, a piece of armor can be selected, which applies the Reinforcement. Each armor piece can only be affected by one armor kit. Once applied, a Reinforcement cannot be removed, only replaced. Using the Armor Kit consumes it.