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Artifact Recovery
Level: 21
Preceded by: Artifact Facts
Followed by:
Given by: Elder Reader Laris
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in: Cragmire Barrow
Forgotten Vault
Ends in: Protector's Enclave
Turn in to: Elder Reader Laris
Rewards: Rank 1 Uncommon version of:
Icon Inventory Artifacts AurorasWholeRealmsCatalogue.png
Icon Inventory Artifacts WatersOfElahzad.png
Icon Inventory Artifacts LanternOfRevelation.png
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  • Enter the Cragmire Vault and recover the Sealed Casket hidden within.


Elder Reader Laris
Through painstaking study I have discovered where a cache of valuable artifacts was hidden long ago. According to my sources, they can be found deep within the Cragmire Barrows, among the Blackdagger Ruins.

Recovering these artifacts will be no trivial matter. Their former owner was an accomplished wizard and he is certain to have prepared a secure resting place for his prized possessions. You can expect formidable guardians as well. Lastly, the artifacts are sealed within a magically sealed casket.

The defenders of Neverwinter are in need of artifacts like these. If you recover the casket, I can open it. Do this, and one of the artifacts within will be yours to keep.


  • Enter the Cragmire Barrow
  • Enter the Forgotten Vault
  • Locate the Lost Artifacts
  • Search for the Sealed Casket
  • Speak to Olandus Cragmire
  • Destroy the Bone Golem (when given the wrong answer to Olandus Cragmire)
  • Take the Sealed Casket from the chest
  • Return to Elder Reader Laris
  • Go to Protector's Enclave
  • Choose Your Artifact


After killing Magma Golem[]

Olandus Cragmire
I knew one day some cursed Oghmanyte would discover the secret of this forgotten vault and challenge me for possession of the Cragmire family's greatest treasures!

By besting my guardians you have proven your power. Let us now test your knowledge.

Tell me, intruder, what was responsible for the destruction of the illustrious noble house of Cragmire?

(Not the correct choice. Leads to a fight)

The Blackdagger Bandits.

The armies of Neverwinter.
Olandus Cragmire
Yes! Curse them, and the long dead lords who commanded them!

At least the Cragmires are still remembered, even by one such as you! That is something at least.

Bah! Pass on if you will. What use are these treasures to me now?

Begone then, Lich!

A magical plague. (This is also wrong and leads to another fight)


Elder Reader Laris
This is indeed the coffer I asked you to find. I have performed a ritual that grants me the power to open these magically sealed containers. Let us see what is within....

Behold, <name>, three powerful artifacts! And, as promised, you shall have your choice of them.

I advise you to consider your options carefully. This is an important decision and should be made with care.


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you fight the ruins till you get to the forgotten vaults

Then you fight five stages one is kill undead two is kill mechanical golem three is fight demons four is kill magma hulk five is answer quagmire question


You don't have to fight the last boss if you choose "The armies of Neverwinter" option at the end when asked about who was responsible for the destruction of the noble house. (according to the Cragmire Barrow lore entry).


Magma Golem

Bone Golem