Assistant Artificer
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Profession Asset
Tag: Artificing
Rank 2
Rank 1
Rank 3
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Sell value: Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png 8
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Assistant Artificers are Forgotten Artificing Assets that can be hired to perform various tasks in order to raise the character's Forgotten Artificing level and to produce weapons and implements for the Control Wizard and Devoted Cleric through ranks 14 to 20 in the profession.

At Forgotten Artificing level 13 an Assistant Artificer can be hired by completing a task that consumes 4x Crafting Follower Artificing Artificiers T2 01.png [Engraver]. There are no tasks that upgrade Assistant Artificers to higher ranked artificers, such as the Crafting Follower Artificing Artificiers T3 01.png [Artificer]. Any rank of Artificer can be used in tasks that call for them.


Assistant Artificer

Bonus: +5% Speed (in Optional Slot)

An asset used in common crafting tasks. Can be rewarded by tasks.

Artificing, Rank 2, Person, Rank 1, Rank 3
No Level Requirement
Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png 8
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