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Auction House
Location Type: Point of Interest
Within: Protector's Enclave
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Auction House

Tamalune Auction House

The Auction House provides a way for players to offer goods for sale to other players and is a key part of the game economy.

Alternatively players can trade with each other - for details of player to player trading see Trading.

  • Purchases on the Auction House must be paid for in Astral Diamonds.
  • The Auction House collects a big fee (10%) from the seller for each successful sale.
  • Characters can list up to 40 items at a time on the Auction House.
  • Items purchased or own items not sold must be picked up at the Postal Courier.
  • Unsold items still in the mailbox will continue to occupy one auction spot.
  • Astral Diamonds from selling items, or when your bid was not the highest, must also be retrieved through the Postal Courier.

In order to sell in the Auction House you need to click on the My Consignments tab, then drag the item to the Items for Consignments box.

Trivia[ | ]

During the open Beta, there was an exploit in the auction house that led to a rollback, and as a result of that, the [Caturday Survivor's Pack] was handed out to players. The Caturday Survivor's Pack was aptly named because the exploit involved putting up auctions for negative Astral Diamonds, buying them and getting double their money back. They then used the Astral Diamonds in a multitude of ways, the main one being buying cats. Thus, the Caturday Survivor's Pack was born. The Pack featured a fashion mask and a cape, neither of which were very useful, as well as a multitude of basic supplies (Scrolls of Identification, Potions, Portable Altars, etc.). In all, most people just wished they had gotten a [Cat].

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