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Bags are items that expand a character's inventory. Characters have 6 slots for bags, but the Adventurer's Satchel is locked to the first slot.

Before Patch_NW.45.20150416c.4, when empty, bags could be moved about and even placed in other bags. Now these items are Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip.

Item Slots Source @Level / Cost
Adventurer's Satchel 30 character creation 0
Inventory Misc Bag1 Red.png[Adventurer's Knapsack] 18 Close to the Crown quest Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup. <=5
Inventory Misc Bag1 Red.png[Adventurer's Pack] 12 Clockwork Guild Tomb quest 30
Inventory Bags Dragonhoard 30slot.png[Dragon Hoard] 30 Dragonborn Legend Pack, Enthusiast Pack Zen7,500
Inventory Misc Bag1 Glowblue.png[Greater Bag of Holding] 24 Icon Inventory Misc Pack Hunterranger.png[Ranger Booster Pack], Icon Inventory Pack ScourgeWarlock.png[Warlock Booster Pack], Oathbound Paladin Booster Pack, Bahamut's Champion Booster Pack Zen1,000
Inventory Misc 02 Blue.png[Dragon Cult Pack] 20 Temple of Tiamat raid @raid
Inventory Misc Bag1 Glowblue.png[Bag of Holding] 12 Zen Market Zen600
Inventory Misc Bag Runicbagofholding.png[Runic Bag of Holding] 36 Zen Market, Stronghold Starter Pack Zen1,600
Inventory Misc Bag1 Glowblue.png[Embroidered Bag of Holding] 12 Hero of the North, Starter Kit, First Time Buyer's Pack, Benign Order of the Third Eye Campaign Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup. div.Zen
Icon Inventory Bag Fey 01.png[Embroidered Elven Silk Bag] 12 Feywild Starter website
Inventory Bag 03 Darkbrown.png[Bag of Holes] 0 Armor Cloth Body T0a G0.png[Robes of Useless Items], Hero of the North Pack or Guardian of Neverwinter Pack div.Zen