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Batiri Brave's Trinket
Module: May be earlier than module 22
Category: Hunt Trophy
Tag: Hunt Trophy
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Sell value: Copper94
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Batiri Brave's Trinket is a trophy in the hunt system in Jungles of Chult Campaign. It can be dropped by a Batiri Brave, a rare version of Batiri, in Soshenstar River.

A Batiri Brave's Trinket and [Tyrannosaurus Rex Fang] can be traded for a [Batiri War Mask] at Ragash of the Red Mist in Port Nyanzaru.


Batiri Brave's Trinket

This trophy may be exchanged for a Contact Icon Chult Monsterhunt Stars Only 01.png hunt lure at Hunter's Square in Port Nyanzaru.

Amulets such as these are given to only the bravest Batiri warriors.

Hunt lures and trophies may not be mailed or posted on the auction house.

Hunt Trophy
No Level Requirement