Battle for Sharandar
Level: 70
Preceded by: Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Followed by: Repeatable Daily
Given by: Merrisara Winterwhite
Starts in: Sharandar
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Sharandar
Turn in to: Merrisara Winterwhite
1,510 XP small icon.png
5 Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png , 51 Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png
15 Feywild Spark Small.png
10 Gold Crescent Small Icon.png
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Gather and purify [Feydark Crystal]s for Merrisara Winterwhite.


Kill Redcaps, Cyclopes, Fomorians, and Trolls anywhere in Sharandar to collect Feydark Crystals, then release their Feywild energy in the Purifying Pool in New Sharandar.

  • Collect [Feydark Crystal]s which can randomly drop from practically anything killed in Sharandar
  • Release Feywild Energy by interacting with the blue pool behind Merrisara


Merrisara Winterwhite
Day by day, we exhaust our magical power holding back Malabog's forces. We must replenish our energies daily in order to hold the line. There is one source of energy we could harvest better with your assistance.

The dark fey beyond the gates come from deep beneath the earth, where the energy of the Feywild coalesces into crystals. Any crystals you find may be purified in the pool behind me, and their energy released into our reservoir.

Will you help us in our battle for Sharandar?


Merrisara Winterwhite
Our power swells again. Thanks to you, our defenses will last at least one more day.
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