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Beauty is Only Hide Deep (Leatherworking)
Level: 70
Preceded by: Making the Round (Leatherworking)
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Given by: The Artisan
Starts in: Stronghold
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Ends in: Stronghold
Turn in to: The Artisan
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Beauty is Only Hide Deep (Leatherworking) is a Masterwork Professions quest that unlocks Leatherworking recipes. Your Leatherworking must be rank 70? and your Stronghold Guild Hall must be at least rank 10 to take this quest.


  • Complete Leatherworking Tasks for The Artisan.

Once training begins you may not begin training another profession until it is complete. Training can be time consuming and expensive, do not begin training unless you are certain of your choice.


The Artisan
No doubt you are eager to put your new tool to the test. Well, an order has just come in for [Soft Aberrant Leather] and [Hard Aberrant Leather], six of each.

You'll need [alum] and [dark alum], gather them yourself with an explorer's chart, or buy them from the auction house.

The alum salt will produce a stiff, durable leather while its dark counterpart will produce a soft and supple hide. You're liable to fail more than you succeed, the process is grueling, but stick with it. When you have the leather, bring it to me.



  • After turning in first materials:
The Artisan
Perhaps this hasn't been a waste of time after all, the leather came out as well as one could hope for. Seems you have more of a knack for this than I gave you credit.

Every tanning method has its strength, and its weakness.

Your next task will be to account for those weaknesses. Make three [Lacquered Aberrant Leather] and three [Lined Aberrant Leather]. [Dark Lacquer] will protect the hard leather from its susceptibility to rotting and [cashmere] will insulate the soft leather. When you have completed your task, return to me.

  • After turning in second materials:
The Artisan
Did you buy these off the market? Hard to believe this is from the same leatherworkers! Gah-hah!

You've done well relaying my lessons to your artisans. I've seen you work leather into durable armor, your next test will be something a bit more delicate.

I received an order from The Builder for a ream of [Vellum], a favored writing surface for drafting building plans. You'll need a [calfskin], start by soaking the hide in [slaked lime] and water, from there you'll want to scud it with the round knife and ponce the skin with something rough.

When you have the vellum, return to me.

  • After turning in third materials:
The Steward
The Builder will be more than pleased with her order.

You're ready for your final task, an order from The Steward. The request is a new saddle, knowing that stubborn man, his old saddle must be disintegrating for him to have placed an order.

He wasn't much more specific than "saddle," given that, I'd say he's looking for something practical and unadorned. Many nations have a reputation for saddle-making, but none more so than Calimshan.

A [Calishite Saddle] is comfortable to ride for hours and will last a lifetime. You're to try your hand at crafting such a saddle. When it's done, bring it directly to The Steward.

  • After delivering Calishite Saddle to The Steward:
The Steward
Not quite what I was expecting... the high cantles, the wide stirrups...

The Steward takes a close look at the saddle.

Well... it does look sturdy. And... comfortable.

I'll take the saddle, thank you Adventurer.


The Artisan
I assume The Steward was surprised the saddle wasn't in a northern style, despite his lack of instruction.

You have done well to relay my every lesson to your artisans, whether you think of yourself as such, you are indeed the master of a trade guild.

I've taken the liberty of having a new round knife made, and a hidemaster's garments to boot. The knife should serve your leatherworkers better than that old hand-me-down I gave you earlier, and if you're going to lead a leatherworker's guild, you ought to look the part.

You've learned everything I have to teach, and the harpy hasn't come around to bother me since the start. It's been an honor.

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