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A mysterious seer has arrived in Protector's Enclave. She knows quite a bit about your future and needs your help in locating the Staff of Savras.

The Benign Order of the Third Eye Campaign is a campaign introduced with the Guild Alliances update on June 7, 2016. The campaign starts at level 10.



Task Time Requirement Reward
Sort the Shards 10s 40Damaged Orb of the Seer Shard[Damaged Orb of the Seer Shard] 40Sorted Orb of the Seer Shard[Sorted Orb of the Seer Shard]
Assemble Orb Quadrants 10s 5Refurbished Orb of the Seer Shard[Refurbished Orb of the Seer Shard] 1Orb Quadrant[Orb Quadrant]
Assemble Scrying Orb 10s 4Orb Quadrant[Orb Quadrant] [Scrying Orb]
Analyze Order Documents 10s 12 [Benign Order of the Third Eye Documents] [Staff of Savras Clue], [Embroidered Bag of Holding]

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