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Blackdagger Gold Coin
Module: May be earlier than module 22
Category: Bounty Item
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Sell value: Cannot sell
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Currency Icon Gold.png

Blackdagger Gold Coin are bounty items that drop from enemies in Pirates' Skyhold.

You can trade them at the Pirates' Skyhold Bounty Master for:

Item Cost
Inventory Misc Bag1 Black.png[Pirate Skyhold Treasure Cache] Blackdagger Gold Coin10
Currency Icon Seal Manticore.png[Seal of the Manticore] Blackdagger Gold Coin20

Note: They cannot be sold but they can be discarded and mailed.


Blackdagger Gold Coin

BOUNTY ITEM: A gold coin minted decades ago by Bartholomew Blackdagger, the pirate king.

Collect these coins and turn them in to a Bounty Master in Pirates' Skyhold for a reward.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell

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