Blacklake District
Blacklake District 3
Blacklake District
Map Blacklake District
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Vital statistics
Type Hostile
Level 6 - 8
Location Neverwinter, The Sword Coast
Inhabitants Recruit, Sniper, Enforcer, Hexer, Rabbel-Rouser

This part of the city is largely under the control of the Nasher Rebels, who do not accept Lord Neverember as the rightful ruler of the city. They believe the late Lord Nasher should have become the ruler during his time. To discredit Neverember, who they will sometimes refer to as The Pretender (a pun on his title The Protector), they steal the Crown of Neverwinter from his possession.

Although the Blacklake District stand largely intact in the wake of the various disasters that laid Neverwinter low, those who inhabit the district have violently resisted Lord Neverember's plans to resettle it. The Nashers, the more violent faction of the anti-Neverember Sons of Alagondar, have claimed the area for themselves, daring Neverember's soldiers and mercenaries to try to take it from them by force.

As if the Nashers weren't enough of a problem by themselves, there are rumors that a secret society of devil-worshippers operates in the Blacklake District, where they slowly infiltrate the ranks of both the Nashers and Neverember's troops. Reports of kidnappings are common, and in the southern end of the district one can even find diabolic symbols left as graffiti on the walls of the crumbling buildings.

There is much to be done if the Blacklake District is to be safe for Neverwinter's civilians once more.


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