Bloodscar's Last Testament
Level: 36
Preceded by: Blood and Spirit
Followed by:
Given by: Shagrol
Starts in: Ebon Downs
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Ebon Downs
Turn in to: Shagrol
1,230 XP small icon.png
5 Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png , 35 Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png
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Half-Orc race only.


  • Meet at Shagrol's Cave and help him to Summon Vansi Bloodscar's Spirit.


Half-Orc Race Quest

Everything is prepared. It's time to speak to Vansi Bloodscar's spirit. There's a cave to the south that will be a good place to do it. Meet me there when you are ready, and we'll begin the ritual.
Vansi had a spellscar more powerful than any of the other orcs. It might be that the forces trying to manipulate us will try to stop us from speaking with her spirit. Be ready for enemies to appear.
Vansi Bloodscar's Spirit
I spit on the Prophet and the weilders of the blue fire! Stinking filth, rank betrayers, worthy only to be gutted by my blade!

You... I remember you. Maybe you'll be strong enough to deal out the death and revenge that I crave. It was the Prophet. She spoke to me with beguiling words, promises I couldn't resist. But she was only a pawn herself. I don't know who her real masters are, but I do know that they can use the Spellplague to warp and control the minds of the plaguechanged. The Prophet convinced me that the spellscars were simply weapons, and that she only wished to see Neverember overthrown. I should have known better.


  • Go to Shagrol's Cave
  • Speak to Shagrol
  • Kill the Plaguechanged
  • Speak to Vansi Bloodscar
  • Return to Shagrol


So, it was true. Vansi made a deal with the Prophet and the wielders of the blue fire for the spellscars. But they serve masters who are trying to control the Many-Arrows by using the Spellplague to turn them into plaguechanged. This cannot stand. I must go and learn more for now, but once I do I hope that you will lend me your aid again in fighting to free my people.
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