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Bounty Master
Race: Human
Occupation: Bounty Master

Bounty master in the Tower District

Bounty Master refers to a type of NPC that can be found at most larger encampments. They trade local bounty currencies for various items. Most trade 10 currency for a treasure cache item which may contain a random unique item from the area, and 20 currency for a seal, some sell other items as well.

Items for Sale[]

Tower District
Item Cost
[Many-Arrows Treasure Cache] 2 Many-Arrows Insignia
[+2 Smiting Chain Armor] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Agile Boots] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Protecting Ring] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Restoring Amulet] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Vital Belt] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Cruel Helmet] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Vital Gauntlets] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Piercing Ring] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Cruel Amulet] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
[Smiting Belt] 5 Many-Arrows Insignia
Blackdagger Ruins
Item Cost
[Blackdagger Treasure Cache] 10 Blackdagger Insignia
[Blackdagger Treasured Gear] 25 Blackdagger Insignia
[Blackdagger's Partisan Pack] 40 Blackdagger Insignia
Neverdeath Graveyard
Item Cost
[Neverdeath Treasure Cache] 10 Necromantic Sigils
[Neverdeath Treasured Gear] 25 Necromantic Sigils
[Neverdeath's Partisan Pack] 40 Necromantic Sigils
Helm's Hold
Item Cost
[Ashmadai Treasure Cache] 10 Ashmadai Symbol
[Ashmadai Treasured Gear] 25 Ashmadai Symbol
[Ashmadai's Partisan Pack] 40 Ashmadai Symbol
Ebon Downs
Item Cost
[Ebon Downs Treasure Cache] 10 Deathknell Shard Sliver
[Ebon Downs Treasured Gear] 25 Deathknell Shard Sliver
[Ebon Downs' Partisan Pack] 40 Deathknell Shard Sliver
Item Cost
[Vellosk Treasure Cache] 10 Gray Wolf Insignia
[Vellosk Treasured Gear] 25 Gray Wolf Insignia
[Vellosk's Partisan Pack] 40 Gray Wolf Insignia
Pirates' Skyhold
Item Cost
[Pirate Skyhold Treasure Cache] 10 Blackdagger Gold Coin
[Pirate Skyhold Treasured Gear] 25 Blackdagger Gold Coin
[Pirate Skyhold's Partisan Pack] 40 Blackdagger Gold Coin
Icespire Peak
Item Cost
[Icespire Treasure Cache] 10 Mithral Nugget
[Iceforge Healing Elixir] 20 Mithral Nugget
[Icespire Treasured Gear] 25 Mithral Nugget
[Icespire's Partisan Pack] 40 Mithral Nugget
Rothé Valley
Item Cost
[Temple of the Spider Treasure Cache] 10 Symbol of Lolth
[Temple of the Spider Treasured Gear] 25 Symbol of Lolth
[Temple of the Spider's Partisan Pack] 40 Symbol of Lolth
Mount Hotenow
Item Cost
[Mount Hotenow Treasure Cache] 10 Ember Shard
[Mount Hotenow Treasured Gear] 25 Ember Shard
[Mount Hotenow's Partisan Pack] 40 Ember Shard
Whispering Caverns
Item Cost
[Whispering Caverns Treasure Cache] 10 Dwarf Relic
[Whispering Caverns Treasured Gear] 25 Dwarf Relic
[Whispering Caverns' Partisan Pack] 40 Dwarf Relic
Item Cost
[Potion of Redcap Slaying] 15 Fomorian Concoction
[Sharandar Treasure Cache] 40 Fomorian Concoction
[Gold Crescent] 5 Fomorian Concoction
Dread Ring
Item Cost
[Dread Ring Treasure Cache] 40 Onyx Fragment
[Vanguard Scrip] 5 Onyx Fragment
Item Cost
[Icewind Dale Treasure Cache] 5 Kessell's Sigil
[Konig Coin] 5 Kessell's Sigil
[Minor Black Ice Salve] 40 Kessell's Sigil