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Bradda the Sage
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Human
Occupation: Sage

Bradda the Sage

Bradda the Sage is an NPC who can be found inside the Sage's Shop in Protector's Enclave. She is involved in quests and providing some information related to Refining and Enchantment following the introduction of Module 2: Shadowmantle.


Bradda the Sage
Magic is like fire, the tiniest spark can become a raging inferno.
  • What are Enchantments?
Bradda the Sage
Enchantments are small sources of concentrated power that can be applied to weapons or armor with open slots. Of the many different types of Enchantments, each type has a unique benefit it provides to its gear.

An Enchantment slot can be one of three types: Offense, Defense, or Utility. An Offense slot provides the Offense effect from a slotted Enchantment and ignores the other two. Likewise, a Defense slot provides the Defense effect from a slotted Enchantment, and a Utility slot provides the Utility effect.

Enchantments can be upgraded by refining them, which is done by consuming more Enchantments or specific Refining Stones to give Refinement Points to the chosen Enchantment. When an Enchantment has enough Refinement Points to increase its power, it can then be upgraded using certain Reagents. Typically, Enchantments can achieve a maximum of Rank 10.

  • What are Runestones?
Bradda the Sage
Runestones are much like Enchantments, but give their power to companions instead of equipment. Similar to Enchantments, they can be refined and upgrade to increase their power.

Companions can have up to three Runestones equipped depending on their level. Each of those Runestone slots provides Offense or Defense effects, depending on which slot the Runestone is placed into.

  • What are Enhancements?
Bradda the Sage
Enhancements are especially powerful Enchantments that can only be applied to the strongest weapons and armor. These sources of power are usually found in the form of shards, and while those shards cannot be slotted into gear, they can be upgraded into Lesser Enchantments. From there they can grow up to three ranks stronger, to normal, Greater, and Perfect.

Due to their power, Enhancements are particularly unstable. When attempting to upgrade them to a higher rank, the process has a very high chance to fail. This instability can be held in check by wards, which are designed to absorb the excess power during an upgrade process.

Preservation Wards prevent Reagents from being consumed while upgrading if the process fails, while Coalescent Wards, rarer and more valuable, can guarantee a successful upgrade. Both types of wards can be found by purchasing them on the Zen Market or trading with other adventurers.

  • How do I refine an Enchantment?
Bradda the Sage
An Enchantment may be refined from the inventory or when it's slotted into an item. From the inventory, you may right-click an Enchantment and click "Refine..." to open up the Item Refinement window. You can also right-click on a slotted item in the inventory or Character Sheet, then click "Refine Enchantment..." to open the window.

Once there, you may fill any number of Refining Slots with Enchantments, Runestones, or Refining Stones. Upn clicking Refine, the items in these slots are consumed for Refining Points. Bonus refining points are given when slotting Enchantments that match the one that is being refined.

When the enchantment being refined gains enough Refining Points to fill its bar, it is ready to upgrade.

  • How do I upgrade an Enchantment?
Bradda the Sage
When an Enchantment has enough Refinement Points to upgrade, you will be unable to slot anything more in the refining slots until the upgrade is complete.

All upgrades Require Reagents, which are found all around Faerûn. Most Reagents can be found in skill interacts, while the more powerful ones are held by the strongest enemies in the most dangerous dungeons. They may also be found at the Wondrous Bazaar. Once you hold all the necessary Reagents, you may then upgrade the Enchantment.

An upgrade has a chance to fail, which becomes larger the more powerful the Enchantment is. When an upgrade fails, the Enchantment remains intact, but all Reagents are still consumed. This risk can be mitigated or prevented with Preservation Wards or Coalescent Wards, which can be found by purchasing them on the Zen Market or trading with other adventurers.

Once an upgrade succeeds, the Enchantment will gain a rank. The higher the rank of the Enchantment, the more powerful it becomes.

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Quests Given[]

Items sold[]

  • Jade Enchantment (300il)