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Castle Never
Location Type: Dungeon Delve
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Levels: 70


This dungeon is only available as an epic dungeon, it does not have a heroic version (Though the in game achievements oddly does list a separate achievement for the non-epic version, may be a bug).

The first iteration of this dungeon was available on release of the game, however, it was removed on the release of Module 6: Elemental Evil. It was finally reintroduced to the game over a year later, during Module 8. This new iteration was shorter, and featured new bosses and enemy types.


Dungeon Level Monster Level Players Queue Level Minimum Item Level
Normal NA NA NA NA
Epic 70 70 5 70 - 70 8400



Bosses of Castle Never[]


Epic Boss/Chest Equipment Seals Other Currency
Tal'Gath the Undying NA 30Seal of the Brave
Cthylarr the Illithilich NA 30Seal of the Brave
Orcus NA 30Seal of the Brave
End Reward Chest Random Underdark Ring 30Seal of the Brave 10Demonic Ichor, 50Faerzress

Dungeon also contains a Special chest that can only be opened with a [Greater Demonic Key].

Shard of Orcus Wand

Demonic Enchantment - Rank 5, 6, or 7.

Mount Insignia

Random Piece of armor for any Class.

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