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The Primary group of "Ratings" are as follows:

  • Combined Rating: Adds a flat amount to every rating, except Power and Hit Points.
  • Power: Increases your damage and healing. This amount is modified on a per power basis.
  • Critical Strike: Increases the chance that you will land a critical hit with an attack or with healing spells.
  • Armor Penetration: Increases the percentage that is ignored when attacking an enemy.
  • Recovery: Increases the recharge speed of your Encounter powers and the amount of Action Points you gain.
  • Defense: Increases your damage resistance.
  • Deflect: Increases the chance that you will ignore a large amount of incoming damage.
  • Regeneration: Increases your Health regeneration, which grants you a small amount of healing over time.
  • Life Steal: Increases the amount of Hit Points you gain when you deal damage.
  • Movement Speed: Increases your run speed.