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Chapter 12: The Horned King
Level: 60-70
Preceded by: Chapter 11: The Stuff of Legends
Followed by: Epilogue: For The King
Given by: Bruenor Battlehammer
Starts in: Mantol-Derith
Also occurs in: The Maze Engine
Ends in: Mantol-Derith
Turn in to: Bruenor Battlehammer
Varies by level, up to:
48,320 XP
1 Gold, 10 Silver, 25 Copper
1 Tales of Adventure
600 Rough Astral Diamond
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Chapter 12: The Horned King is a quest in The Maze Engine Campaign.


  • Speak to Vizeran DeVir, then travel to the Maze Engine and Defeat Baphomet.


Bruenor Battlehammer
Vizeran DeVir should be at Mantol-Derith by now. His instructions said he'd be summonin' a portal to the Maze Engine down by the docks.

Vizeran said in his message that he wanted te talk te ye before we go into the Maze Engine.

Keep an eye out for any spells or tricks that he might try te use on ye.


  • Talk to Vizeran
  • Travel to the Maze Engine and Defeat Baphomet
    • Confront Baphomet
    • Defeat Baphomet
    • Escape Baphomet's Maze
    • Defeat Incoming Demons
    • Escape Baphomet's Maze
    • Defeat Baphomet
    • Escape the Collpasing Maze Engine
  • Return to Bruenor Battlehammer


Vizeran DeVir
I've asked to speak with you beforehand because I've grown to trust you, <name>.

You've proven to be quite resourceful in getting us to Baphomet. In fact, I believe you were the key to making this all happen.

When this is all over, I intend to see you properly rewarded for all of your efforts... much more than the "king" of Gauntlgrym could reward you.

Now, shall we go kill a demon lord?


Bruenor Battlehammer
We bloody did it! Drinks all 'round, we killed Baphomet, destroyed the Maze Engine, and thwarted Vizeran's plans to kill us all!

Me kingdom and Faerûn are safe because of all the work ye did, <name>. Yer a legend te be sure.

We just got one last thing te take care of.