Neverwinter Wiki

The player characters of Neverwinter are heroes who seek to defend the rebuilt city of Neverwinter from the forces that threaten it.

Characters are defined according to a modified version of rules from the fourth edition of Dungeons and Dragons, which is also the source of the game's setting.

Every account starts with two free character slots: more can be purchased by spending Zen. The maximum number of character slots that can be unlocked on one account is 51.

Character Creation[ | ]

Before Patch NW.5.20130923b.9, when creating a character you first had to choose between one of the three Shards. Since the patch, all characters are on the Dragon shard.

Race Selection[ | ]

Race Selection

The Race Selection screen

In Step I you select your Gender (Male or Female) and your Race between:

More races are to come. Note that each race gives your character different Racial Traits.

Class Selection[ | ]

Class Selection

The Class Selection screen

In Step II you select your Character's Class, which will determine your role as an adventurer. Currently available classes are:

Ability Scores[ | ]

Ability Scores

The Ability Scores screen

In Step III you can choose how to use your racial ability bonus.

This means adding 2 points to one of two ability scores for most races except for Humans, Dragonborn and Metallic Ancestry Dragonborn.

Appearance[ | ]


The Appearance Selection screen

In Step IV choose your character's appearance.

You can select from a number of presets or you can create a custom appearance by adjusting the following features (not all of the following apply to all races): Head Shape, Hair, Eyes, Eyebrows, Facial Hair, Complexion, Horns, Tattoos, Scars, Face Scaling, Body Shape, Body Scaling

Background[ | ]


The Background Selection screen

In Step V select the Character Origin and his or her Deity Affiliation: these do not affect gameplay and are only provided for flavor.

Overview[ | ]


The Character Overview screen

In the last step you give a name to your character. You are also allowed to add a final piece of background called Biography. By clicking Begin Adventure you reach Neverwinter Fields, which is the first tutorial zone.

Names *can* have spaces, a rarity in today's MMO's. Make good use of this and create a unique character.
Names are not unique across the Shard, but only within your account, another uniqueness feature.

Character Sheet[ | ]

You can open your Character Sheet by pressing 'C'.

The character sheet contains six tabs: Character, History, Appearance, Powers, Boons, Companions, and Mounts.

In the Character Tab you see your Character and your equipped items, as well as your current Ability Scores, ratings, loadouts, and Base character.