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Clearing the Air
Level: 70
Preceded by: The Dark Fey Enclave
Followed by: Random Repeatable Daily quest with rewards used to progress in the Sharandar Campaign
Given by: Kehl Skywatcher
Starts in: Sharandar
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Sharandar
Turn in to: Kehl Skywatcher
1,510 XP
5 Silver, 51 Copper
1 Gold Crescent
1 Abjuring Charm
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Toxic Cloud

Poisoned Scout

Kehl Skywatcher wants you to use potions to dispel toxic clouds.


Disperse 3 Toxic Clouds and rescue 3 Poisoned Scouts in the Horrid Mire area of Dark Fey Enclave in Sharandar.


Kehl Skywatcher
Malabog's forces have fouled our river, and toxic clouds now poison any who linger too long in the area.

Our druids brew potions that temporarily dispel the toxic clouds and cure the afflicted. Take these potions and throw them into the water where you see the toxic clouds form. Please, cure any of our scouts you may find, and send them back to us.

You will receive an interaction prompt when near either of the two target types.


Kehl Skywatcher
My thanks. I understand that such work is... unpleasant. But it must be done.