Cloak Tower is a 5-player instanced dungeon containing 3 bosses. It has an estimated completion time of 45 minutes. The player is able to enter the adventurer version of the dungeon through the queue system at level 14, and the Epic Dungeon version is unlocked with all the other Epic Dungeons at level 60.



Pedestal itemsEdit



Blue Crystal in Cloak Tower in Azure Garden

  • Green crystal: Apprentice chamber when you hit the t junction take the room on the left (progress is through room on right) crystal on table. (-582, -77)
  • Blue crystal: Azure Crystal cavern, left side in the cluster of blue stones (after you get down the "stair") (-1725, -149)
  • Red crystal: On table at first boss, easy to find (-1429, -80)


  • Starflower: On table at first boss, easy to find (-1435, -20)
  • Mushroom: Dropped by second boss sometimes, but mostly near one side wall in botanical cavern, Glowberries will be nearby in same cavern.(-1696, 255)
  • Glowberries: Over the second boss, right before going to next room (where it does the curved bridge) on the right side. (-1719, 233)


To loot from the Dungeon Delves chest, the Dungeon Delves event needs to be running and a chest unlock banner will be visible on the right side of the screen.

Epic lootEdit