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(1) - Blue indicator indicates that player is in position to do combat advantage.
(2) - An ally, a dog companion, is on the opposite side of the enemy as the player, allowing combat advantage to take effect.
(3) - The yellow number with a sword icon indicates the bonus damage the player deals.

Icon Float CombatAdvantage.png

The Combat Advantage is an attack modifier that increases amount of damage dealt vs surrounded foes.


Combat Advantage increases damage dealt by basic attacks by 15% and is increased by Combat Advantage Bonus Rating.

Name CAB
Icons Inventory Misc Collar Blinkdog 01.png[Blink Dog] 2%
Icon Companion IntellectDevourer.png[Intellect Devourer][1] 2%
Icon Companion Twigblight.png[Razorwood] 25%
Icon Companion Gargoyle Def.png[Staldorf] 2%
Icon Inventory Artifacts BlackIce Beholder.png[Black Ice Beholder] 450
Icon Inventory Artifacts Sphereofannihilation.png[Kessell's Spheres of Annihilation] 450
Icon Inventory Artifacts LanternOfRevelation.png[Lantern of Revelation] 450
Icon Inventory Artifacts Class Trickster.png[Sigil of the Rogue] 450
Campaign Boons Underdark General.png[Drow Ambush Tactics] 10% of total
  1. bugged


When attacking a foe, if there is an ally attacking the same foe from the opposite direction, both players involved will have Combat Advantage, dealing bonus damage.

This is indicated by a sword icon next to the floating damage. Enemies show a blue indicator at their feet when you are in the right position.

Combat Advantage can be also granted by many powers, like: