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Active Bonuses were migrated to Player Bonus Powers in Module 16: Undermountain. Bonus Powers are classified into one or two of Offense Power, Defense Power or Utility Power. Bonus Powers are passive, and you can choose 2x Offense Powers, 2x Defense Powers and 1x Utility Power. The value of the bonus depends on the companion's quality, but not on the companion's rank.

List of Bonus Powers

NOTE: The table below will be generated from Companion Pack tooltips.

Icon Name Bonus

Apprentice Healer (pack)/Tooltip Cleric Disciple (pack)/Tooltip Con Artist (pack)/Tooltip Damaran Shepherd (pack)/Tooltip Dog (pack)/Tooltip Man at Arms (pack)/Tooltip Sellsword (pack)/Tooltip Shieldmaiden (pack)/Tooltip Wayward Wizard (pack)/Tooltip Archmage's Apprentice (pack)/Tooltip Armored Orc Wolf (pack)/Tooltip

Icon Companion Batiri.png [Batiri]
1/?/?/?% damage versus Bosses

Bear Cub (pack)/Tooltip Blink Dog (pack)/Tooltip Blue Fire Eye (pack)/Tooltip Boar (pack)/Tooltip Cave Bear (pack)/Tooltip Cold Iron Warrior (pack)/Tooltip Death Slaad (pack)/Tooltip Dragonborn Raider (pack)/Tooltip Duergar Guard (pack)/Tooltip Dwarven Battlerager (pack)/Tooltip Elemental Air Cultist (pack)/Tooltip Faithful Initiate (pack)/Tooltip Fawn of Shiallia (pack)/Tooltip Flame Sprite (pack)/Tooltip Frost Mimic (pack)/Tooltip Gelatinous Cube (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Goldfish (pack)/Tooltip Green Slime (pack)/Tooltip Hawk (pack)/Tooltip Helmite Paladin Ghost (pack)/Tooltip Ice Sprite (pack)/Tooltip Intellect Devourer (pack)/Tooltip Ioun Stone of Radiance (pack)/Tooltip Kenku Archer (pack)/Tooltip Lava Galeb Duhr (pack)/Tooltip Lizardfolk Shaman (pack)/Tooltip Mercenary (pack)/Tooltip Minstrel (pack)/Tooltip Moonshae Druid (pack)/Tooltip Mystagogue (pack)/Tooltip Netherese Arcanist (pack)/Tooltip Neverember Guard Archer (pack)/Tooltip Pig (pack)/Tooltip Portal Hound (pack)/Tooltip Quickling (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Rebel Mercenary (pack)/Tooltip Renegade Evoker (pack)/Tooltip Renegade Illusionist (pack)/Tooltip Repentant Dragon Cultist (pack)/Tooltip Rimefire Golem (pack)/Tooltip Shadow Demon (pack)/Tooltip Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple (pack)/Tooltip Skeleton (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Snow Leopard (pack)/Tooltip Snowy Fawn (pack)/Tooltip Staldorf (pack)/Tooltip Storm Rider (pack)/Tooltip Swashbuckler (pack)/Tooltip Traveling Entertainer (pack)/Tooltip Wild Hunt Rider (pack)/Tooltip Wolf (pack)/Tooltip Yeth Hound (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Young Yeti (pack)/Tooltip Acolyte of Kelemvor (pack)/Tooltip Astral Deva (pack)/Tooltip Barbarian Shaman (pack)/Tooltip Blacksmith (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Cambion Magus (pack)/Tooltip Cantankerous Mage (pack)/Tooltip Cat (pack)/Tooltip Dancing Blade (pack)/Tooltip Dancing Shield (pack)/Tooltip Dedicated Squire (pack)/Tooltip Deva Champion (pack)/Tooltip Dragonborn Brawler (pack)/Tooltip Dread Warrior (pack)/Tooltip Erinyes of Belial (pack)/Tooltip Fey Panther (pack)/Tooltip Ghost (pack)/Tooltip Grazilaxx (pack)/Tooltip Greenscale Bowman (pack)/Tooltip Harper Bard (pack)/Tooltip Hunting Hawk (pack)/Tooltip Ioun Stone of Allure (pack)/Tooltip Jagged Dancing Blade (pack)/Tooltip Leprechaun (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Lightfoot Thief (pack)/Tooltip Mini Apparatus of Gond (pack)/Tooltip Neverember Guard (pack)/Tooltip Pewter Golem (pack)/Tooltip Phase Spider (pack)/Tooltip Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow (pack)/Tooltip Priestess of Sune (pack)/Tooltip Quasit (pack)/Tooltip Red Dragon Ioun Stone (pack)/Tooltip Red Slaad (pack)/Tooltip Siege Master (pack)/Tooltip Slyblade Kobold (pack)/Tooltip Tomb Spider (pack)/Tooltip

Icons Companion Wanderingscarecrow.png [Wandering Scarecrow]
+4,000 Armor Penetration
+1,000 Defense

War Boar (pack)/Tooltip War Dog (pack)/Tooltip Wererat Thief (pack)/Tooltip Werewolf (pack)/Tooltip Zhentarim Warlock (pack)/Tooltip Air Archon (pack)/Tooltip Alchemist Experimenter (pack)/Tooltip Alpha Compy (pack)/Tooltip Ambush Drake (pack)/Tooltip Angel of Protection (pack)/Tooltip Aranea (pack)/Tooltip Assassin Drake (pack)/Tooltip Battlefield Medic (pack)/Tooltip Black Death Scorpion (pack)/Tooltip Black Dragon Ioun Stone (pack)/Tooltip Black Ice Ioun Stone (pack)/Tooltip Black Ice Prospector (pack)/Tooltip Book Imp (pack)/Tooltip Bulette Pup (pack)/Tooltip Celeste (pack)/Tooltip Chicken (pack)/Tooltip Chultan Hunter (pack)/Tooltip Chultan Tiger (pack)/Tooltip Cockatrice (pack)/Tooltip Crab (pack)/Tooltip Deepcrow Hatchling (pack)/Tooltip Duergar Theurge (pack)/Tooltip Earth Archon (pack)/Tooltip Energon (pack)/Tooltip Fire Archon (pack)/Tooltip Frozen Galeb Duhr (pack)/Tooltip Galeb Duhr (pack)/Tooltip Goat (pack)/Tooltip

Icon Companion Grung.png [Grung]
On critical hit: Poison target for 40 magnitude damage every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Honey Badger (pack)/Tooltip Hunting Drake (pack)/Tooltip Icosahedron Ioun Stone (pack)/Tooltip Infant Gorilla (pack)/Tooltip Ioun Stone of Might (pack)/Tooltip Iron Golem (pack)/Tooltip Laughing Skull (pack)/Tooltip Lillend (pack)/Tooltip Mage Slayer (pack)/Tooltip Makos (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Manticore (companion)(pack)/Tooltip

Icon Companion Myconid.png [Myconid]
+30,000/? Critical Avoidance
+15,000/? Awareness

Mystic Phoera (pack)/Tooltip Owl (pack)/Tooltip Owlbear Cub (pack)/Tooltip Panther (pack)/Tooltip Paranoid Delusion (pack)/Tooltip Phoera (pack)/Tooltip Polar Bear Cub (pack)/Tooltip Pseudodragon (pack)/Tooltip Razorwood (pack)/Tooltip Redcap Powrie (pack)/Tooltip Remorhaz (pack)/Tooltip Rust Monster (pack)/Tooltip Savage Allosaur (pack)/Tooltip Sergeant Knox (companion)(pack)/Tooltip Simril's Holiday Helper (pack)/Tooltip Skeletal Dog (pack)/Tooltip Snow Leopard (pack)/Tooltip Sprite (pack)/Tooltip Stalwart Golden Lion (pack)/Tooltip Stronghold's Cleric (pack)/Tooltip Sylph (pack)/Tooltip Tamed Velociraptor (pack)/Tooltip Tutor (pack)/Tooltip Vicious Dire Wolf (pack)/Tooltip Vistani Wanderer (pack)/Tooltip Volcanic Galeb Duhr (pack)/Tooltip Water Archon (pack)/Tooltip Watler (pack)/Tooltip Wiggins the Undead Intern (pack)/Tooltip Will-O'-Wisp (pack)/Tooltip Xuna (companion)(pack)/Tooltip

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