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Enhancement Powers are a feature introduced in Module 16: Undermountain. Enhancement Powers are passive, and you can choose only one of all your companion enhancements.

List of Enhancement Powers[]

Enhancement Icon Enhancement Name Companions That Give
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Acutesenses.png [Acute Senses] Companion Dog.png[Dog], Icon Companion Archon Earth.png[Earth Archon], Icons Companion Erinyes.png[Erinyes of Belial], Icon Companion Cat Gold.png[Golden Cat], Icon Companion IntellectDevourer.png[Intellect Devourer], Icons Misc Collar Dog Skeleton 01.png[Skeletal Dog], Companion Slyblade Kobold.png[Slyblade Kobold], Companion Tomb Spider.png[Tomb Spider], Companion Wolf.png[Wolf]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Anticipation.png [Anticipation] Icons Inventory Misc Contract Aranea 01.png[Aranea], Icons Companion Blackassassindrake.png[Assassin Drake], Icons Companion Blackicedwarf 01.png[Black Ice Prospector], Icon Companion Celeste.png[Celeste], Icon Companion Chult Tiger.png[Chultan Tiger], Armaments Blade 02.png[Dancing Blade], Icons Companion Dragonborn Female 01.png[Dragonborn Raider], Icons Companion Feral Velicoraptor.png[Feral Velociraptor], Icon Companion MoltenGalebDur.png[Lava Galeb Duhr], Icon Companion Myconid.png[Myconid], Icons Companion Repentedcultist.png[Repentant Dragon Cultist], Icon Companion Raptor.png[Tamed Velociraptor], Companion Neverember Guard.png[Vallenhas Elite Soldier], Icon Companion Lunar Yojimbo.png[Yojimbo]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Armorbreak.png [Armor Break] Icons Misc Collar Bear 04.png[Cave Bear], Icons Inventory Misc Gemstone Dodecahedron 04.png[Icosahedron Ioun Stone], Icon Companion Kenku.png[Kenku Archer], Inventory Gond MechanicalToy.png[Mini Apparatus of Gond], Companion Baby Polarbear.png[Polar Bear Cub], Icons Companion Wardog.png[War Dog], Icon Companion Gargoyle Aug.png[Watler], Icon Companion Wulfgar.png[Wulfgar]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Blurredvision.png [Blurred Vision] Icons Companion Alchemist.png[Alchemist Experimenter], Icon Companion Blackdragonioun.png[Black Dragon Ioun Stone], Icon Companion Slaad Blue.png[Death Slaad], Icons Companion DuergarGuard.png[Duergar Guard], Icon Companion Elementalcultist.png[Elemental Air Cultist], Icon Companion SylphFeywild.png[Feywild Sylph], Icons Companion Gelatinouscube.png[Gelatinous Cube], Icon Companion Goldfish.png[Goldfish], Icons Companion GreenSlime.png[Green Slime], Icons Companion ForestHawk.png[Hunting Hawk], Icon Companion Kuotoa.png[Kuo-toa], Icons Companion Halflingthief.png[Lightfoot Thief], Icon Companion Makos.png[Makos], Icons Inventory Misc Gemstone Phasespider 01.png[Phase Spider], Icons Inventory Misc Collar PortalHound 01.png[Portal Hound], Icons Companion Dragonstone 01.png[Red Dragon Ioun Stone], Icons Inventory Rustmonster.png[Rust Monster], Icon Companion Allosaur.png[Savage Allosaur], Icons Companion Wintercelebrant 01.png[Simril's Holiday Helper], Icons Inventory Misc Trinket Sylph 01.png[Sylph], Icons Companion Wanderingscarecrow.png[Wandering Scarecrow]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Counteract.png [Counteract] Icon Companion Baby Butterfly.png[Butterfly], Icon Companion XegYi 01.png[Energon], Misc Trinket Haunted 01.png[Ghost], Icons Inventory Misc Armaments Helmet Haunted 01.png[Helmite Paladin Ghost], Icons Inventory Misc Gemstone Iounstonemight 02.png[Ioun Stone of Might], Icons Companion Manticore 01.png[Manticore], Companion Neverember Guard.png[Neverember Guard], Icons Inventory Misc Orb Dragon Pseudo 01.png[Pseudodragon], Companion Quasit.png[Quasit], Icons Companion Rimefiregolem.png[Rimefire Golem], Companion Sellsword.png[Sellsword], Icon Companion Skyblazer.png[Skyblazer], Icons Companion Vistani.png[Vistani Wanderer], Companion Wayward Wizard.png[Wayward Wizard]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Dulledsenses.png [Dulled Senses] Icon Companion Archon Air.png[Air Archon], Icon Companion Ambushdrake.png[Ambush Drake], Companion Baby Brownbear.png[Bear Cub], Collar Kittycat 04.png[Cat], Noicon.png[Cyclops War Drummer], Icon Companion Dwarvenbattlerager.png[Dwarven Battlerager], Icons Inventory Misc Collar Panther Fey 01.png[Fey Panther], Icons Inventory Misc Torch Phoera 03.png[Mystic Phoera], Icon Companion Pewtergolem.png[Pewter Golem], Icons Companion Redcappowerie.png[Redcap Powrie], Icons Companion RenegadeIllusionist.png[Renegade Illusionist], Icons Companion SergeantKnox.png[Sergeant Knox]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Fortification.png [Fortification] Icons Companion AstralDeva.png[Astral Deva], Icon Companion Battlefieldmedic.png[Battlefield Medic], Icons Companion BlackIceIounStone.png[Black Ice Ioun Stone], Icon Companion Bruenor.png[Bruenor Battlehammer], Icons Companion Chicken.png[Chicken], Icon Companion Chultan Hunter.png[Chultan Hunter], Icon Companion PaladinSquire.png[Dedicated Squire], Icons Companion Duergartheurge.png[Duergar Theurge], Icons Companion Frostmimic.png[Frost Mimic], Companion Honey Badger.png[Honey Badger], Icon Companion Huntingdrake.png[Hunting Drake], Icon Inventory Trinket Leprechaun 01.png[Leprechaun], Icons Companion Mystagogue.png[Mystagogue], Icon Companion Baby Ox.png[Ox Stot], Icons Inventory Misc Torch Phoera 02.png[Phoera], Icons Companion Priestessofsune.png[Priestess of Sune], Icon Companion Slaad Red.png[Red Slaad], Icons Companion Dwarfshieldmaiden.png[Shieldmaiden], Icon Companion Goldenlion 01.png[Stalwart Golden Lion], Icon Companion Stronghold Cleric.png[Stronghold's Cleric], Icon Companion Trobriandsconstruct.png[Trobriand's Construct]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Dulledsenses.png [Honed Instincts] Icons Companion DeepcrowHatchling Gold.png[Golden Deep Crow Egg]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Acutesenses.png [Master of Craft] Icon Companion CattiBrie.png[Catti-brie], Icon Companion Goat Gold.png[Golden Goat]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Perfectvision.png [Perfect Vision] Icon M19 Companion Abyssal Chicken.png[Abyssal Chicken], Icon Companion Compy Pack.png[Alpha Compy], Icons Companion SergeantKnox.png[Alphonse Knox], Icons Inventory Misc Collar Orcwolf 01.png[Armored Orc Wolf], Icon Companion Scorpion Black.png[Black Death Scorpion], Icons Inventory Misc Collar Blinkdog 01.png[Blink Dog], Icon Companion Fireeye 01.png[Blue Fire Eye], Icons Misc Collar Boar 04.png[Boar], Icon Companion Lunar Boar.png[Boar Shoat], Icon Companion Grung.png[Grung], Companion Jagged Dancing Blade.png[Jagged Dancing Blade], Event Simril Refinement R4 Gold.png[Star of Simril], Companion Wererat Thief.png[Wererat Thief], Icons Companion Yeti.png[Young Yeti], Icons Companion ZhentarimWarlock.png[Zhentarim Warlock]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Potency.png [Potency] Icon Companion Batiri.png[Batiri Runt], Icons Inventory Misc Contract Coldironwarrior 01.png[Cold Iron Warrior], Icon Companion Galebdur Frozen.png[Frozen Galeb Duhr], Misc Trinket Primal 01.png[Galeb Duhr], Icon Companion Gith.png[Githyanki], Icon Companion Fiendish Charmer Incubus.png[Incubus], Icons Companion RenegadeEvoker.png[Renegade Evoker], Icons Companion Siegemaster.png[Siege Master], Icon Companion Gargoyle Def.png[Staldorf], Icon Companion Fiendish Charmer Succubus.png[Succubus], Icon Companion Archon Water.png[Water Archon], Icon Companion Yethhound 01.png[Yeth Hound]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Potentprecision.png [Potent Precision] Icon Companion DisplacerBeast.png[Displacer Beast], Companion Fire Archon.png[Fire Archon], Companion Hawk.png[Hawk], Icon Companion Hellhound.png[Hell Hound], Companion Panther.png[Panther], Icon Companion Baby Rat.png[Rat Pup], Icons Inventory Misc Contract Spellsword 01.png[Rebel Mercenary], Icon Companion Redeemedfallen.png[Redeemed Fallen], Icons Companion Swashbuckler.png[Swashbuckler], Icons Companion TravelingEntertainer.png[Traveling Entertainer], Icons Misc Collar Boar War.png[War Boar], Icon Companion Werewolf Def.png[Werewolf], Icons Companion Xuna.png[Xuna]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Precision.png [Precision] Icons Companion Barbarianshaman.png[Barbarian Shaman], Icons Companion Half-elfconartist 01.png[Con Artist], Icon Companion Crab.png[Crab], Icons Companion Rimefiregolem.png[Crystal Golem], Icons Misc Collar Dog 01.png[Damaran Shepherd], Icon Companion Eladrin.png[Eladrin], Icons Companion Icesprite.png[Ice Sprite], Icon Companion Chult Gorilla.png[Infant Gorilla], Icons Misc Contract Mercenary 01.png[Mercenary], Icon Companion Netheresewarlock.png[Netherese Arcanist], Icon Companion Paranoiddelusion.png[Paranoid Delusion], Icon Companion Twigblight.png[Razorwood], Icons Companion Remorhaz 01.png[Remorhaz], Icons Companion SnowLeopard.png[Snow Leopard], Icon M19 Companion Spineddevil.png[Spined Devil], Icon Companion Tutor.png[Tutor], Icon Companion MoltenGalebDur.png[Volcanic Galeb Duhr], Icons Inventory Misc Contract WildHuntRider 01.png[Wild Hunt Rider]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Redemption.png [Redemption] Icons Companion Cockatrice.png[Cockatrice], Icons Companion Deepcrowhatchling.png[Deep Crow Hatchling], Icons Companion FlameSprite.png[Flame Sprite], Icon Companion Goat.png[Goat], Icons Companion Grazilaxx.png[Grazilaxx], Icon Companion Greenscale Hunter.png[Greenscale Bowman], Icons Companion Irongolem.png[Iron Golem], Icon Companion Mageslayer 01.png[Mage Slayer], Icon Companion Minstrel.png[Minstrel], Icons Companion Moonshaedruid.png[Moonshae Druid], Icons Inventory Misc Plants Pig 01.png[Pig], Inventory Ringoflethalprecision G3.png[Skeleton], Icons Inventory Misc Collar Fawn Snowy 01.png[Snowy Fawn], Noicon.png[Soradiel], Icon Companion Zariel General.png[Vanguard of the Citadel], Icons Companion Willowisp.png[Will-O'-Wisp], Icon M19 Companion Zariel Redeemed.png[Zariel]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Dulledsenses.png [Reinvigorate] Icon Companion Baby Bulette Gold.png[Golden Bulette Pup]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Slowedreactions.png [Slowed Reactions] Companion Angel of Protection.png[Angel of Protection], Icons Companion Clericapprentice.png[Apprentice Healer], Icons Companion Blacksmith.png[Blacksmith], Companion Baby Bulette.png[Bulette Pup], Icons Inventory Misc Trinket Cantankerousmage 03.png[Cantankerous Mage]. Companion Cleric Disciple.png[Cleric Disciple], Icons Companion Astraldeva Def.png[Deva Champion], Icons Companion Dragonborn 01.png[Dragonborn Brawler], Icons Companion DreadWarriorRevenant.png[Dread Warrior], Companion Cleric Disciple.png[Faithful Initiate], Icons Inventory Misc Collar Fawn 01.png[Lava Galeb Duhr], Icons Companion Siegedefender.png[Neverember Guard Archer], Icon Companion Dragonborncleric.png[Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple], Icon Companion Broom.png[Splinters], Icon Companion Intern Undead.png[Wiggins the Undead Intern]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Vulnerability.png [Vulnerability] Companion Acolyte of Kelemvor.png[Acolyte of Kelemvor], Icon Companion Chickenmancer.png[Earl the Chickenmancer], Icon Companion Flamingskull.png[Flaming Skull], Icon Companion HarperBard.png[Harper Bard], Misc Bones Skull 01.png[Laughing Skull], Icons Inventory Misc Instruments Harp Lillend.png[Lillend], Icons Companion Lizardfolk.png[Lizardfolk Shaman], Icons Companion Owl.png[Owl], Companion Baby Owl.png[Owlbear Cub], Icons Inventory Misc Contract Forestfolk 01.png[Quickling], Icons Companion Shadowdemon.png[Shadow Demon], Icons Inventory Misc Trinket Sprite 01.png[Sprite], Icons Inventory Misc Contract StormRider 01.png[Storm Rider]
Power Icon Companion Enhancement Weapon Break.png [Weapon Break] Icons Inventory Misc Contract Book Imp 04.png[Book Imp], Icon Companion Maguscambion.png[Cambion Magus], Armaments Shield 03.png[Dancing Shield], Companion Ioun Stone of Allure.png[Ioun Stone of Allure], Icons Inventory Misc Gemstone Iounstoneradiance.png[Ioun Stone of Radiance], Companion Man-at-Arms.png[Man at Arms], Icon Companion Elvenpriestess.png[Priestess of Sehanine Moonbow], Icons Inventory Misc Whistle Direwolf 04.png[Vicious Dire Wolf]