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Company of Hunters
Level: 70
Preceded by: Grave Endeavors
Followed by: Corruption of Nature, Light in the Darkness, Dream Pastries, Ghosts of Berez
Given by: Ezmerelda d'Avenir
Starts in: Barovia
Also occurs in: Blood on the Vine Tavern
Ends in: Barovia
Turn in to: Ezmerelda d'Avenir
534 XP
2 Silver
21 Copper
3 Omens
20 Barovian Coins
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Speak to a few people in Blood on the Vine Tavern in Barovia.


  • Meet Szolodar Szoldarovich, Danika Dorakova, and Vikov Ulrich at the Blood on the Vine Tavern in the Village of Barovia.


Ezmerelda d'Avenir
Now you are properly equipped. There are others who share my desire to rid Barovia of its monsters. They have witnessed first-hand the evils that stalk this land, and could use your help.

Head inside the Blood on the Vine Tavern, and speak with Szoldar Szoldarovich, Danika Dorakova, and Vikov Ulrich. Learn their stories and see what you can do to help them.


  • Talk to Szoldar Szoldarovich
  • Talk to Danika Dorakova
  • Talk to Vikov Ulrich
  • Return to Ezmerelda d'Avenir


Szoldar Szoldarovich
The night is full of teeth.
Szoldar Szoldarovich? Esmerelda said we should meet.
Szoldar Szoldarovich
Hrmph. Another traveler, eh? What makes you special? Others like you have come to Barovia seeking to end the curse. Most lie buried in our graveyard.

Still, we must learn to fight or be devoured by wolves. That's a Barovian saying, but it should be taken seriously, especially in the Howling Hills. I used to hunt there, but packs of wolves have taken over everything. Perhaps you can help drive back those beasts.

Wolves don't scare me, Szoldar.
Szoldar Szoldarovich
Danika Dorakova
How curious.
Danika Dorakova? Esmerelda said we should meet.
Danika Dorakova
Another traveler from foreign lands! We have hoped the mists would bring us more heroes. Perhaps the fates have finally smiled upon us?

I help watch over these lands. I speak with the ravens, and they tell me many secrets. Lately we have turned our eyes to the Cursed Meadow. It is a dangerous place plagued by dark magic.

Perhaps you can drive away the evil before it overwhelms us?

The meadow, you say? I'll try to help, Danika.
Vikov Ulrich
The undead must be put down.
Vikov Ulrich? Ezmerelda said we should meet.
Vikov Ulrich
Who are you? Have you come to claim my soul at last?

No, wait. You're not one of them. My apologies. I have been hunting the undead monsters of Barovia so long I have become a bit on edge.

Yes, I am Vikov Ulrich. My family hailed from the nearby village of Berez. But that place is no more. destroyed in fury by the master of Ravenloft. Now, I do what I can to keep the spirits of my ancestors at peace by destroying the monsters that stalk the village ruins.

If you are trustworthy, I would appreciate your help.

I have no love for evil undead, Vikov.


Ezmerelda d'Avenir
It brings some comfort to know we are not alone in this darkness. Perhaps in time we can push back the evils of this land.