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Control Resist
Decreases the duration of Crowd Control abilities that are used against you.

Control Resist is a Rating that reduces the effect of certain control attacks on the character, decreasing:

  • Daze, Immobilize, Prone, Slow & Stun duration
  • Knock, Pull & Push distance

Note: Many boss control powers are immune to Control Resist reduction.


Racial Trait
Racial Trait Halfelf.png[Sun Elf Grace] 10%
Racial Trait Halfling.png[Bold] 10%
Racial Trait Moon Elf.png[Moon Elf Resilience] 10%
Ability Score
Wisdom 0.5% per point
Icon Inventory Artifacts ForgeHammerofGond.png[Forgehammer of Gond] 450
Icon Inventory Artifacts Globeofthethirdeye.png[Globe of the Third Eye] 188
Icon Inventory Artifacts Manticoretalon.png[Manticore Talon] 450
Icon Inventory Artifacts Oghmastrinket.png[Oghma's Token of Free Movement] 450
Icon Inventory Artifacts Class Control.png[Sigil of the Wizard] 450
Icon Inventory Artifacts Symbolofearth.png[Symbol of Earth] 450
Artifact Ratings 500-2,500