Neverwinter - Control Wizard Montage Trailer

Neverwinter - Control Wizard Montage Trailer

With all the power of magic at their command, wizards are an unstoppable force in the world of Neverwinter, with the power to freeze enemies solid or even stop time.

While some species are born with a few spells, Control Wizards learn their magic through careful study. Long-lived races like elves may spend an entire century studying magic before their first adventure. The most powerful wizards, including the mighty Elminster, often have decades of experience and spells to draw on.

The past century saw many wizards in the Forgotten Realms rendered powerless. The Spellplague was an intense magical disruption: Not only did it ravage the world, it also made spellcasting chaotic and unpredictable. With the ascension of a new incarnation of Mystra, the goddess of magic, though, it is a new age for wizards across Faerûn, especially in adventure-rich cities like Neverwinter.

Control Wizards are so knowledgeable that they can slot an additional, fourth Encounter power, representing their Spell Mastery. Whichever spell they have mastered gets bonus effects: Slow Time, for example, grants allies a speed and attack boost, in addition to its normal effect of stunning enemies. The slotted spell can be changed when out of combat, as with all powers, so you’ll be able to pick the best spell for the next fight.