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Creations of Wonder Pack
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Container
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Quality: Epic
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Sell value: Cannot sell
Cannot Discard
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Inventory Gond MechanicalAltar Pack.png

The Creations of Wonder Pack is a pack that can be purchased during the Wonders of Gond event.

It can contain:

and, if a Icons Inventory Mount Apparatus Gond 01.png[Wondrous Apparatus of Gond] does not drop, instead, additionally:

  • Insignia of Gond (of Uncommon or Rare quality)


Creations of Wonder Pack

This item is earned for reaching the highest level of innovation during the Wonders of Gond event.

This pack contains a high chance to gain your choice of an:
[Apparatus of Gond] Mount
[Embellished Apparatus of Gond] Mount

Or the following:

Refinement items
One Uncommon or Rare Insignia of Gond
and a [Wondrous Gizmo]

And one of the following:

Forgehammer of Gond Artifact
Blacksmith Companion
Profession Special Pack
Coalescent Ward Bind on Pickup
5x Preservation Ward Bind on Pickup

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
Cannot Discard