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Cult of Orcus
Level: 70
Preceded by: Death Wizards
Followed by: Descent into Shadow
Given by: [Zarifrax's Phylactery]
Starts in:
Also occurs in: Mantol-Derith, Cultist Caves
Ends in:
Turn in to: [Zarifrax's Phylactery]
33Silver, 8Copper
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Cult of Orcus is a quest in the Shroud of Souls storyline quest chain, part of The Cloaked Ascendancy Campaign. To start this quest use [Zarifrax's Phylactery].


  • Talk to Grazilaxx in Mantol-Derith. Then retrieve an Orcus Talisman from the Demon Cult Caves in the Underdark.


Zarifrax the Lich
The denizens of Evernight do not care for the presence of mortals in their domain unless they pay the proper tribute. As tough as you think you are you cannot take on a whole city of undead. I know something that the ruling Tribunal of Evernight wants, and I can show you how to get it.

I heard of the recent demonic invasion of the Underdark. Orcus cultists possess many valuable ceremonial items dedicated to the Demon Prince of Undeath. A Talisman of Orcus would be a fitting tribute for the Tribunal.

The trouble will be finding the location of the demon cultists. Fortunately, a mind flayer named Grazilaxx owes me a favor. Go to Mantol-Derith and speak with Grazilaxx about the cultist caves. Tell him the Great and Powerful Zarifrax sent you!


  • Talk to Grazilaxx
  • Find Orcus Talisman
    • Search Cultist Caves
    • Defeat Dukathis
    • Take Talisman of Orcus
  • Awaken Zarifrax from his Phylactery in your inventory


Zarifrax sent you?

Very well then. Yes, I know of the demon cultists. They sometimes come to the market searching for ritual components. And I have seen where they come from...

Here in Mantol-Derith there is a secret entrance to a cave leading to their hideout deep in the Underdark. Be warned: they summon demons and undead there to honor Orcus. If you are discovered they will not be merciful.


Zarifrax the Lich
Good. Good! This will make a fine tribute for the Evernight Tribunal!

You have done well. Perhaps I could allow you to become my minion. I'll find some use for you yet.