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As with most MMOs, Neverwinter has a built-in text chat system. This is normally displayed in the lower-left of the heads-up display. Unlike some other MMOs, this game is heavily influenced by the Cryptic-wide Custom Channel system. Below is and ongoing list of custom channels found in the game. Please refer to this article for basic chat system information.

To add your own custom channel or update, please refer to the format instruction located here in the discussion.

Custom Channel List[]

Channel Name Founder Moderator Type Description Subscribers Last Checked Webpage
NW_Legit_Community @biostem @damnacious Exploit-free /LFG, Help Channel, Social Channel The single-largest, and eldest, exploit-free /LFG chat channel in Neverwinter! Whether it's friends, players for parties/groups, advice or information, or just a casual chat, the NW_Legit_Community offers it all! 7,474 2020, February Discord Link [1]
calling for pvp @xvimn134 pvp mod 20 pvp community, send mail to @xvimn134 for invitation 1200 2019

all people @xvimn134 open channel Open channel for LFG/LFM/socializing/trading. 3500 2019

NeverwinterFR Perfect World Europe B.V. @percemer


Official Bienvenue sur le canal Francophone officiel de Neverwinter. Si vous avez besoin d'aide, contactez les modérateurs de Perfect World Europe sur le forum officiel ou directement en jeu : @atheinas ou @percemer 16000 2017 July Did you know?
NW_Italia Perfect World Europe B.V. @jacksoon


Official Benvenuto o Benvenuta nella Chat Ufficiale di Neverwinter dedicata ai giocatori Italiani! 3600 2017 July
Exalight @CrashCn @CrashCn









A french channel, for friends to member Exalight guild, or same, new players.

social, helping, trade, multi-guild user.

70 2017 July Vocal Discord Exalight
rezone @doctordna Talk Channel The rezone is an alternate version of zone chat
without the spam. Open chat without rules or moderation.
2015 Dec
NWO-Newbies Morbic Help Channel A channel to help new users or lower level players
that have general questions.
140 2015 Dec
NWHilfe Help Channel Deutschsprachig (German-speaking) Ihr sucht Hilfe
und Euch brennen Fragen auf der Zunge im Bezug auf
Neverwinter oder helft gerne anderen mit Eurem Wissen?
Hier seid Ihr richtig!!
640 2015 Dec
NWO-Professions Morbic Crafting Discuss professions, contact a person for consignments,
and sell/trade profession specific items.
100 2015 Dec
NWO-Controllers Morbic Class Specific Tips and help for focus on crowd-control. 18 2015 Dec
NWO-Defenders Morbic Class Specific Tips and help for tanking. 2 2015 Dec
NWO-Leaders Morbic Class Specific Tips and help for classes that buff and/or heal. 50 2015 Dec
NWO-Strikers Morbic Class Specific Tips and help for classes that focus on damage. 15 2015 Dec
NWO-Epics Morbic Game Play The discussion of Epic level dungeon-delves. 45 2015 Dec
NW_Foundry chili1179 Foundry Editor Authors to get ideas, seek help, or find their first
review testers.
300 2015 Dec Chili's Blog
NWRP Role-Play OOC channel for role-players to get ideas, seek help,
or schedule meets with other players.
1465 2015 Dec
NWGermanRP Role-Play 1650 2015 Dec
TalkingStones Sorune Role-Play In Character Chat channel for roleplayers based on
the Sending Stones from D&D lore.
120 2015 Dec
NWO-Owners Morbic Help Channel Custom channel owners to gather to help new owners with
custom channel setup.
7 2015 Dec
NWOTrade Scallawag Trade 360 2015 Dec
BHTrade Morbic Trade 10 2015 Dec
NW Dragon Trade axer128 Trade 90 2015 Dec
NWN Trade Adima Trade 80 2015 Dec
MFTrade Morbic Trade 6 2015 Dec
NWOLFG LFG 40 2015 Dec
NWGermanLFG LFG 11 2015 Dec
BHLFG Morbic LFG 8 2015 Dec
NW Dragon LFG axer128 LFG 50 2015 Dec
NWN LFG Adima LFG 95 2015 Dec
MFLFG Morbic LFG 1 2015 Dec
Dragon Legit Comunity LFG 6 2015 Dec