Dark Forest Equipment Arsenal
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Category: Container
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Dark Forest Equipment Arsenal can be found in Icon Lockbox Darkforest.png [Dark Forest Lockbox].

They can contain:

  • Dark Forest Dagger/Tooltip
  • Dark Forest Greatsword/Tooltip
  • Dark Forest Holy Symbol/Tooltip
  • Dark Forest Longsword/Tooltip
  • Dark Forest Orb/Tooltip
  • Darkforest Longbow/Tooltip
  • Dark Forest Shield/Tooltip
  • Dark Forest Stiletto/Tooltip
  • Icon of the Dark Forest/Tooltip
  • Sword Knot of the Dark Forest/Tooltip
  • Darkforest Blades/Tooltip
  • Sylvan Talisman (epic)/Tooltip
  • Ring of Angharradh/Tooltip
  • Ring of the Dark Forest/Tooltip
  • Ring of the Forest Guardian/Tooltip
  • Ring of the Fey'ri/Tooltip
  • Ring of Orishaar/Tooltip
  • Belt of Angharradh/Tooltip
  • Belt of the Dark Forest/Tooltip
  • Belt of the Forest Guardian/Tooltip
  • Belt of the Fey'ri/Tooltip
  • Belt of Orishaar/Tooltip
  • Cloak of Angharradh/Tooltip
  • Cloak of the Dark Forest/Tooltip
  • Cloak of the Forest Guardian/Tooltip
  • Cloak of the Fey'ri/Tooltip
  • Cloak of Orishaar/Tooltip


Dark Forest Equipment Arsenal

Equipment gained from this pack is granted based on the level and class of the opener. The minimum level to equip these items is reduced.

This pack contains one of the following:
1 Epic Primary item
1 Epic Secondary item
1 Epic Ring item
1 Epic Neck item
1 Epic Waist item

An item selected especially for you from a collection of Elven themed equipment and jewelry.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell
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