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Dig Sites are a new mechanic/lair that was introduced with the release of Module 11. They are found in the River District.

Types of Digsites[]

Digsite Locations[]

Digsites are all tethered to a guard post. A list of guard posts can be seen below

Accessing Digsites[]

In order to enter a digsite, three conditions must be met.

  1. The guard post that the digsite is tethered to must be at least partially restored. If it is not green on the map, you can not access that digsite.
  2. You must have a pass to enter the digsite. This can be purchased with 1 Reclaimed Riches 1 Reclaimed Magic 1 Reclaimed Weapons, 1 Dungeon Map, 1 Sewer Map, or 1 Crypt Map. Alternatively, digsite passes frequently drop as rewards from looting the treasure caches that are accessed with Treasure Maps
  3. You cannot have already entered that specific digsite within the span of the previous hour


This is a partial list of the loot that can be found inside of a digsite: