Disheveled Madman

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Disheveled Madman
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Halfling
Disheveled Madman.png

The Disheveled Madman is an NPC who can be found north from the Driftwood Tavern in Protector's Enclave.

Shop[edit | edit source]

Item Cost
Slayer Belt of the Xvim 1 Ancient Curio

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Disheveled Madman
It's not too late. It's not too late...but I need your help.
Help with what?
Disheveled Madman
With bringing her back, of course. I was too young then, too untried. I watched her die, and there was nothing...nothing I could do. That was ages ago.

But it's not too late. I've finally found the way to bring her back. Bring me an [Ancient Curio] and she can live again. Aleena can come back to us. I've been searching for these curios for years now. Whenever something's happening in Protector's Enclave, they turn up. Find one. Bring it to me! I have treasures. I'll give you whatever I have if you can help me bring her back.

You might find an [Ancient Curio] while participating in events. While an event is running, the Disheveled Madman will have information about how to get Curios in the event. If you miss your chance in one event, keep your eyes out for the next one!

Events[edit | edit source]

Event Source of Ancient Curio
Call to Arms Skirmishes Sometimes found in skirmish chest
Coins of Waukeen Sometimes found inside [Waukeen's Treasure Chest]
Protector's Jubilee Sometimes found after using [Celebratory Confetti]
Celebration of Lliira Sometimes part of the Gold Reward for "Light up the Night" contest
Wonders of Gond Sometimes awarded when crafting sprockets through special profession tasks.
Summer Festival Sometimes found when hitting a [Piñata]
Siege of Neverwinter Sometimes received as a reward from heroic encounters on the Siege Battlefield