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About Us

First things first - Welcome to our guild! Unknown Mystery is a relatively new guild ran by Rylar Darkleaf and already has over 140 members. We are pushing to be one of the most active and helpful Neverwinter guilds on the game to this day!

In our discord you’ll find everything you need to find; others to group up with, do trades, get help with your own questions and more! We are open to ALL types of players and will not turn someone down just because they may be newer. All channels posted are to help you figure out where everything is at so don't be afraid to look around!


  • All members must be active and should not be inactive for more then 3 days, anyone that passes this mark will be personally private messaged with some questions. If you do not respond within 24 hours you will be removed from the guild, we will keep you in the discord for an added on week just encase then you will be removed from there as well if you still do not respond.
  • All members are here to help out, if you see someone in our guild asking questions or is struggling with an ingame issue and you are free to help out then please take your time to do so. We will not grow to be a great guild if everyone is in it for themselves.
  • As we are a guild we come fitted with a "Guild Stronghold" that has guild quests and needs donations to allow us to level up our guild and gain perks, all guilds need this to push themselves to the top so everyone must participate.
  • Communication may not always be key for some players but it is very important to show how strong our guild is as a whole ESPECIALLY when it comes to activeness, even if its just responding to someone saying "Hello" in guild goes a long way.


  • Guild Leader - Rylar Darkleaf@anubianone
  • Advisor - Heian Moonshadow@gremil#4229
  • Officer - grul@natetheboneman#6250

Guild Information

  • Members:
    • 10-15+ Online Members during peak hours
    • 140+ Active Accounts

How To Join

Join our Discord to get in contact with someone who can forward you an invite!