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Doomguide Volahk
Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Human
Occupation: Priest
Doomguide Volahk 3.png

Doomguide Volahk is an NPC who can be found in Doomguide's Watch, which is the starting area of the Neverdeath Graveyard.

As a Doomguide, he is a member of the Eternal Order of Kelemvor.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

What is going on here?
Doomguide Volahk
I am Doomguide Volahk, of the Eternal Order of Kelemvor. It is my mission to see Neverwinter's cemetery re-consecrated and the city purged of the undead.

In the last few days there has been an alarming surge in the number and power of undead creatures rising from their graves. The city is in dire peril unless they are contained.

We were caught by surprise. Many of my acolytes died, overwhelmed in a sea of the unliving. I ordered the survivors to fall back here, to the Approach. But we will not hold this point long should the undead attack in force.

What caused this?
Doomguide Volahk
There are dark rituals that can strengthen the undead, but to cause an uprising on such a scale? This must be the work of powerful necromancers.

Red Wizards of Thay have been spotted in Pauper's Field. I'd wager that means Valindra is involved. Clearly she has not been idle since her initial attack on city was repulsed.

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