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The Dragonborn are a playable race introduced in Module 4: Tyranny of Dragons, and exclusively available to purchasers of the [Dragonborn Legend Pack] or by buying the race separately, without the bonus package items.

Racial Traits[ | ]

  • Ability Scores: Grants you +2 to any two stats.
  • Dragonborn Fury: You gain a bonus 3% Critical Strike and 3% Power.
  • Draconic Heritage: You receive 5% more healing from all spells and abilities.

Names[ | ]

Default Dragonborn names consist of only a first name.

Male names include: Arjhan, Balasar, Bharash, Donaar, Ghesh, Heskan, Kriv, Medrash, Nadarr, Patrin, Rhogar, Shamash, Shedinn, Torinn

Female names include: Akra, Biri, Daar, Harann, Kava, Korinn, Mishann, Nala, Perra, Raiann, Sora, Surina, Thava

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Notes[ | ]

  • Dragonborn Fury's Power and Critical Strike scales with the players current power/critical strike, aka accounts for buffs, companions, ect.

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