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Fangbreaker Island
Location Type: Dungeon Delve
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Levels: 70

Harshnag the Grim believes the Ring of Winter is still on Fangbreaker Island. Assault the Island, recover the ring, and make Drufi, Herald of Winter, pay.

Fangbreaker Island is a five player dungeon that was added to the game with the release of Module 10: Storm King's Thunder. This dungeon requires players to have a minimum item level of 11000 and a minimum everfrost resistance of 28% It is unlocked via a campaign task in the Storm King's Thunder Campaign

1st Boss: Hati

2nd Boss: Dragon Turtle

3rd Boss: Herald of Winter (Drufi)

Everfrost resistance was removed in a later module update. Random Epic Dungeon queues can send players here if you meet the item level requirements and not unlocked it in the Storm King's Thunder campaign.