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Feats are a general game mechanic. Each Class has it's own feats. Feats, like Boons, are little buff options that you, can choose. Throught leveling to Level 80, you will gain 5 Feat Points to spend on feats: a point for the first tier of feats, a point for the second tier of feats, etc. In each tier, you will have two feats available, but you can only choose one of them to spend your point on. this is meant so you can choose the buff that suits your playstile. Choose wisely!

Legacy Feats[]

This different feat system was the regular feat system until the Undermountain expansion, where they were changed completely.

Heroic Feats[]

Heroic Feats are divided into 4 separate tiers, each consisting of 3 different bonuses.

A character needs to spend 5 Heroic Feat points in any unlocked tier to advance to the next one. The bonuses usually take either 3 or 5 points to maximize their effects.

You can find the list of Heroic Feats for each class on its distinct page.

Characters receive a total of 20 Heroic Feat points, one point per level from levels 10 to 29.

Human characters gain an additional Heroic Feat point at levels 10, 15 and 20 from their Racial Trait Heroic Effort.

Paragon Feats[]

From level 30 onward characters gain Paragon Feat points.

There are 3 paths of Paragon Feats with 6 tiers each.

Tiers 1–5 of every Paragon Feat path, consisting of 2 different bonuses each, requires a character to have spent at least 5 Paragon Feat points to advance to the next one.

Tier 6 has only one bonus that requires only 1 Paragon Feat point.


Feat points can be regained by paying an amount of Astral Diamonds relative to the character's level or by using [Retraining Token].