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The Foundry allows players to create their own adventures within Neverwinter and provide these adventures for other players to experience. It consists of an editor that allows a player to create a story, make custom maps, and even full campaigns that are then accessible to other players from within the game.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Foundry?

The Foundry is a content-creation system available to players to create their own quests and make them available for other players to play. Unlike many modding tools or scenario editors that are bundled with other games, the Foundry created quests are fully integrated into the game. Given enough created quests, it is possible to level up a character entirely through community created quests.

Where can I find these quests?

Foundry quests can be found through the game's user interface, Job Boards, and Harper Contacts found throughout the game world.

How do I make my own quests?

After logging into the game, start select "Create Content" to begin. Our Foundry quick start guide and guide to the Foundry can help you further. Note: new Neverwinter players must reach level 15 on their first player-character before Foundry access is unlocked. This helps ensure you are familiar with game-play mechanics and paradigms, which will be helpful in your learning-curve with the Foundry toolset.

What rewards can I expect for creating quests?

There is an extensive achievements system in-place for the Foundry. This is composed of Foundry - Community achievements (earned by playing other author's Foundry quests and campaigns), Foundry - Authoring Achievements (earned by creating and having your content played by others), and all are summed up in Dungeon Master Ranks. Each DM Rank the author achieves will reward them with at least a new Title. Later ranks reward exclusive capes, Companions, and even Mounts.

What about exploits?

It is unfortunate that there always will be game players who will attempt to use tools such as the Foundry to create exploits. To help prevent this kind of misuse of the tools provided there are some limitations to how the Foundry works. Examples of limitations for Foundry Authors include, but are not limited to: Only one respawn campfire in any single map, positioned as desired. Only one end-of-quest "Super Chest" reward is automatically placed into the last map of a quest, positioned it as desired. Rewards and loot-drops are decided-on or generated by the game engine, not the author.

Furthermore, before a Foundry Quest appears in the general catalogue listing, becoming widely available, it must meet minimum criteria, such as average length of play-time and a minimum number of star-ratings. Until these criteria are met, only those players who opt-into being a Foundry Reviewer will see the quest listed in any catalogue directory.

What does "Eligible for Rewards" mean?

The reference to "Eligible for Rewards" is in reference to the Cryptic "Daily Foundry" quest. The Daily Foundry quest is a Cryptic Non-Player Character (NPC) Quest that can be accepted by players once every 20 hours. This particular quest asks the player to play three Foundry Quests of his or her choosing. Upon completing this daily quest, the NPC Contact will proffer an additional, larger reward to the player*. However, a Foundry Quest must be eligible for this NPC's rewards. This is a system implemented to help prevent exploitation of the Foundry toolset. Therefore, when perusing the Foundry Catalogue for quests to play under this "Cryptic NPC-offered quest" - only those quests listed as "Eligible for Rewards" will apply and count as one of the three quests required to receive the NPC Contact's "bonus reward".

To become eligible for Cryptic NPC "Daily Foundry Quest" rewards, a player-authored Foundry Quest must meet a few minimum standards, including an average play-time of 20 minutes, based on real play-times tracked by the system. It also must have a minimum of five "Star" ratings, regardless if reviews are included with those ratings. The actual rating (one star up to five stars) does not have an impact on this qualification.

Regardless if a Foundry Quest is "Eligible for Rewards" all Foundry Quests will continue to offer in-quest loot-drops and a quest reward (a.k.a. "Super Chest") during game play. Therefore, the label of eligibility displayed on a Foundry quest only applies to the NPC-offered "play three Foundry Quests" feature, and does not apply to in-quest loot drops and end-quest chest reward.

* The additional, larger reward is proffered to the player in addition to any rewards earned within each individual Foundry Quest played.